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Draw UPC-13 in C# Figure 13-12 InvoicingQueue has been created

distinguished name (DN) A name that uniquely identifies an object within Active Directory and contains sufficient information for a client to retrieve the object from the directory. distribution server Stores the distribution folder structure, which contains the files needed to install a product, for example Windows XP Professional. DLL See dynamic-link library (DLL). See direct memory access (DMA) channel.
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ISA Server Feature Default networks
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Figure 11-8
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Note For the sake of simplicity, please suspend disbelief for a moment I know this exam ple is a bit silly!
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Mirror RAID 1
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Viewing and Editing the Properties of Shared Folders in Computer Management
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When a user calls you with a particular problem, you might want to know what operating system and service pack is installed on that user s system. You learned that this information is stored as properties of the computer object. The only challenge, then, is to locate the computer object, which might be more difficult in a complex Active Directory with one or more domains and multiple OUs. The Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in provides easy access to a powerful, graphical search tool. This tool can be used to find a variety of object types. In this context, however, your search entails an object of the type Computer. Click the Find Objects In Active Directory button on the console toolbar. The resulting Find Computers dialog box is illustrated in Figure 5-4. You can select the type of object (Find), the scope of the search (In), and specify search criteria before clicking Find Now.
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Lesson 1: Creating a Client Application to Access a Remote Object
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Function The total number of messages sent to transport since start-up The rate that messages are sent to transport The total number of messages submitted by clients since service start-up The rate that clients submit messages The maximum number of concurrent client log-ons since the service started The number of messages in the mailbox store s receive queue
The records in Table 9-3 provide the main functionality of DNS in a Windows Server 2008 implementation. Exam Tip
Figure 9-24
needs of the organization and define a portfolio of IT services that address those needs.
Case Scenario 2: Working with Legacy Systems
Detailed step-by step instructions to disable downloads to USB flash memory are given in the practice later in this lesson. Changing Disk Type and Partition Style 2, "Configuring System Images," introduced the Disk Management tool and discussed the new features of the tools that let you create, attach, mount, detach, and delete a VHD file. In addition to these new features, you can use Disk Management to convert disks from basic to dynamic (and less typically, from basic to dynamic) and change the partition style. Windows 7 also provides the Diskpart command-line tool for disk management. Note FDISK Windows 7 does not support the Fdisk tool that was used for disk management in earlier versions of Windows. You need Administrator or Backup Operator credentials to perform most Disk Management tasks. You can use the tool for managing hard disks and the volumes or partitions that they contain. You can initialize disks, create volumes, and format volumes with the FAT, FAT32, or NTFS file systems. Disk Management lets you perform disk-related tasks without needing to restart the system and most configuration changes take effect immediately. Working with Partitions Disk Management enables you to extend and shrink partitions directly from the interface. When you right-click a volume in the Disk Management console, you can choose whether to create a basic, spanned, or striped partition directly from the menu. If you add more than four partitions to a basic disk, you are prompted to convert the disk to dynamic or to the GPT partition style. Disk Management allows you to change disks between various types and partition styles. However, some of the operations are irreversible (unless you reformat the drive). You should consider carefully the disk type and partition style that is most appropriate for your application. You can convert between the following partition styles: MBR can be converted to GPT if there are no volumes on the disk. MBR can be converted to dynamic, but the disk may become unbootable. GPT can be converted to MBR if there are no volumes on the disk. GPT can be converted to dynamic, but the disk may become unbootable. Dynamic can be converted to MBR if there are no volumes on the disk. Dynamic can be converted to GBT if there are no volumes on the disk.
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