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A user has a user home folder on a server named DATA. The administrator has assigned the user a 100-MB disk quota on the volume that contains the home folder. The user notices in My Computer that he is running low on disk space in his home folder. In an attempt to recover some space, he compresses all files in the home folder. However, after the compression, he does not notice an increase in available disk space. Why is this the case
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/// </summary> [STAThread]
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More Info There are various ways to represent a color value in software. Traditionally, Windows uses the Red, Green, Blue (RGB) method. RGB is best when used by light-emitting devices, such as LCD or CRT monitors, because it represents the intensity value of each of the components that builds the color of the light. For humans, there are easier methods to represent a color. For example, the user can pick a color and then change the brightness or the saturation value. The Ribbon framework uses the HSB method. The shellwapi.dll exposes a utility method, ColorRGBToHLS, that converts RGB values to hue-lightness-saturation (HLS), which is similar to HSB. You can read more about color methods at and
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servers and workstations must permit RPC traffic to pass.
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System: Processor Queue Length
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Open SQL Server Profiler, and then connect to SSAS. In SSMS, open the FactInternetSales table. Copy the last record and paste it as a new record. Change the ModifiedDate column of the new record to 8/1/2004. Switch to SQL Server Profiler. You should see a trace notification event. In a few seconds, you should see a progress report event, which notifies you that the server has started processing the Internet Sales measure group. In the Cube Browser, refresh the report, and notice that the total for year 2004 and the grand total values have changed. That is because the server received the scheduled polling notification and rebuilt the MOLAP cache automatically.
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Which of the following Remote Desktop performance options must be enabled to optimize performance across slow dial-up connections Choose the best answer. A. Desktop Background B. Show Contents Of Window While Dragging C. Menu And Window Animation D. Themes E. Bitmap Caching
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6:00 A.M. backup. All files that exist on the server that have not been created or altered in the last 13 hours will not be restored.
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Figure A-13
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Creating Queries That Use Full-Text Search
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Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop are both Windows XP Professional features that allow remote access to a computer. Remote Desktop provides a user with a way to control a computer running Windows XP Professional from a remote location. Remote Assistance allows a user to invite an expert user in a remote location to assist with problems.
Write code that stores error message information in the event log. Write code that shows detailed error messages to privileged users. Reduce vulnerabilities to denial-of-service attacks by closing database connections
Supporting TCP/IP
Click Start. Then click Administrative Tools | Group Policy Management. The Group Policy Management console appears. Expand your forest and your domain. Under your domain, right-click the Group Policy Objects heading and select New from the context menu. The New GPO dialog box appears. In the Name text box, type software Distribution Test and click OK. The Software Distribution Test GPO appears in the console.
Specify a data-partitioning model. Design queries that target multiple servers. Implement scale-out techniques like federated database, service broker, distributed partitioned views. Design applications to distribute data and workload transparently. Identify code or processes that can be moved to a different tier to improve performance. Rewrite algorithms to improve efficiency. Analyze application performance across multiple users. Capture workload information. Find out the causes of performance problems. Specify resolutions such as: changing algorithms, scaling up, and scaling out, terminating a session.
Integrating data from multiple sites Many applications integrate data from multi-
Creating and Managing System Images
Objective 2.4 Questions 1.
Exam Highlights
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MaxAge parameter to 00:00:00 prevents the automatic removal of message tracking log files because of their age.
Figure 6-10
Lesson Summary
Securing and Maintaining ISA Server 2004
5. Press F5 to compile and test your application.
Shannon Horn Last year I worked on a project for a client located in Phoenix, Arizona. The client creates distributed applications for medical facilities. The applications are used to manage patient data for the facility. The applications provide a distinct user interface for each department in the medical facility, and each user interface can have one or more templates applied to it that customize the look and feel of the user interface. The templates used by the application function very similarly to cascading stylesheets used in Web applications. Furthermore, each user inter face is created as a separate .NET application and uses .NET remoting to connect to the central business tier and data tier, which reside in different application domains. The application also provides synchronization for doctors that use Microsoft Windows mobile devices to collect data during patient visits. However, integrat ing mobile devices involves a bit more complexity because, as of version 2.0, the .NET Compact Framework does not support .NET remoting. The use of .NET remoting to connect the distributed components of my client s medical application proved to be a wise one. .NET remoting offers a high level of flexibility when adding new user interfaces to accommodate new departments and types of users. .NET remoting also provides the ability to easily relocate the components of the distributed application, provides very granular control over permissions and security, and fits the bill perfectly for this client because each component of the application is managed by a different development team.
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