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Monitoring and Troubleshooting DNS
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Zone files are made up of resource records. A resource record contains a mapping of a hostname or service to an IP address. Table 1-2 shows many of the types of resource records supported by the Windows Server 2003 DNS service.
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Lookup.BeginGetCompanyName("MSFT", Nothing, Nothing)
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UsernameToken Used to pass the user name and password when the Web ser vice is using custom authentication. This element can contain both a user name and a password, as the following example illustrates:
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8. Save the project by selecting File, Save All. 9. Press Ctrl+F5 to build the project without debugging. Ensure that the project builds successfully. The default Web page should appear after the project compiles and executes. You should see a button labeled Get Products. Click this button. You should see the data results displayed in the GridView control. 10. Open SQL Server Profiler by selecting Start, All Programs, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Performance Tools, SQL Server Profiler. 11. Select File, then New Trace. 12. Enter the connection information for the server that contains the AdventureWorks database. 13. From the Trace Properties dialog box, enter a name for the Trace and select the Save to table check box. You will then be prompted to log in to the SQL Server 2005 database again. 14. From the Destination Table dialog box, select AdventureWorks as the database and enter the name TraceResults as the table. Click OK to continue. Do not close SQL Server Profiler or the Trace Properties dialog box. 15. Open the Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool by selecting Start, All Programs, then Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool. If you have not already installed this utility, refer to the setup instructions in the Introduction. 16. Click Record in the Create New Script dialog box. 17. Click Next and then Finish to begin the recording. A blank Microsoft Internet Explorer page should appear. Type the following in the URL address bar:
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When you install Windows XP Professional, the setup program creates several initial user accounts automatically. These built-in user accounts are as follows:
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A. Incorrect: Rooslan has achieved the primary goal by installing new 100 GB hard
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An e-mail protocol often used by ISPs. It supports a single mailbox, does not support persistent connections, and can only be used to receive e-mail.
The use of dynamic SQL can make your application vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. This enables malicious parties to gain control of your SQL Server by sending certain commands through the input parameters used to build the dynamic SQL.
Exporting Settings to REG Files
' VB Protected Overrides Sub OnStop() If serviceHost IsNot Nothing Then serviceHost.Close() serviceHost = Nothing End If End Sub // C# protected override void OnStop() { if (serviceHost != null) { serviceHost.Close(); serviceHost = null; } }
C. Incorrect: The Auto-Hide The Taskbar check box controls whether the taskbar slides out of view when not in use. D. Incorrect: This setting does not affect whether the taskbar appears on top of other windows.
1. The properties a server room door lock should have include the following: two-factor authentication, logging access, locks from the outside in the event of a power failure, and an exit that allows people who are already inside the room to leave during a power failure. 2. Administrators need to regularly inspect their workstations to ensure that keylogger devices haven t been attached.
At Home: Playing and Sharing Digital Media
Reducing the Amount of Data in Your Cursor
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