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When SQL Server 7.0 was developed, Microsoft realized that they had to build an abstraction layer between the Microsoft Windows operating system kernel and the user-mode application that would become SQL Server. They faced many challenges but solved them through the creation of the User Mode Scheduler (UMS). The UMS worked by essentially fooling Windows;
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Troubleshoot name resolution issues.
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3. Confirm the IP configuration you entered previously with the command ipconfig /all. 4. Restart by typing shutdown r t 0. 5. Log on as Administrator. 6. Join the domain with the command netdom join %computername% /domain: 7. Restart by typing shutdown r t 0, and then log on again as Administrator. 8. Display installed server roles by typing oclist. Note the package identifier for the DNS server role: DNS-Server-Core-Role.
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Consider the ramifications of security exceptions.
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Before You Begin
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A second Windows Server 2003 computer installed as ISA1 and configured as a domain member in the domain. This server should have two network interfaces installed. To complete the network quarantine control practice, you also need to complete the following steps: a. Create a folder named C:\VPNQuarantine. b. Download the Configurerqsforisa.vbs script from downloads/details.aspx FamilyId=3396C852-717F-4B2E-AB4D1C44356CE37A&displaylang=en and add it to the C:\VPNQuarantine folder. c. Ensure that you have the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit tools installed. The tools are available at http://www.micr details.aspx FamilyID=9d467a69-57ff-4ae7-96ee-b18c4790cffd&display lang=en. d. Download and install the updated Remote Access Quarantine Agent from FamilyID=d4ec94b2-1c9d4e98-ba02-b18ab07fed4e&DisplayLang=en.
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Figure 9-32 Configuring Windows Meeting Space by enabling file replication and allowing communication through the firewall
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Server client computer.
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If you create an instance of the Titles type, Visual Studio displays a list of the available values when you assign a value to the variable. Although the value of the variable is an integer, it is easy to output the name of the symbol rather than its value, as shown here:
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Tom McMartin has requested that any replacement database server run SQL Server 2005 on Windows Server 2003. The proposed solution should also include a failover server in case the primary server goes down.
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Figure 19-11 Setting the Distribution Agent schedule
You might be wondering why someone wouldn t just create dozens or hundreds of indexes on a table. Although at first glance, it might seem to be a good thing to do, remember how an index is constructed. The values from the column on which the index is created are used to build the index. The values within the index are also sorted. Now a new row is added to the table. Before the operation can complete, SQL Server must add the value from this new row to the correct location within the index. If there is only one index on the table, one write to the table also causes one write to the index. If there are 30 indexes on the table, one write to the table causes 30 addi tional writes to the indexes. It gets a little more complicated. If the leaf-level index page does not have room for the new value, SQL Server has to perform an operation called a page split. During this operation, an empty page is allocated to the index, and one-half of the values on the page that was filled are moved to the new page. If this also causes an intermediatelevel index page to overflow, a page split occurs at that level as well. If the new row also causes the root page to overflow, the root page is split into a new intermediate level, causing a new root page to be created. Indexes can improve query performance, but each index created also causes perfor mance degradation on all data manipulation. Therefore, you need to carefully bal ance the number of indexes for optimal operations. As a general rule of thumb, if you have five or more indexes on a table designed for online transaction processing (OLTP) operations, you probably need to reevaluate why those indexes exist. Tables designed for read operations or data warehouse types of queries usually have many more indexes because little consideration needs to be taken for the impact of write operations.
Description The UTC date-time of the protocol event. The distinguished name (DN) of the connector that is associated with the SMTP event. A GUID that is unique for each SMTP session but is the same for each event that is associated with that SMTP session. A counter that starts at 0 and is incremented for each event in the same SMTP session. The local endpoint of an SMTP session. This consists of an IP address and TCP/IP port number and is formatted as <IP address>:<port>. The remote endpoint of an SMTP session. This consists of an IP address and TCP/IP port number and is formatted as <IP address>:<port>. A single character that represents the protocol event. The possible values for event are + (Connect), (Disconnect), > (Send), < (Receive), and * (Information). Text information that is associated with the SMTP event. Additional contextual information that might be associated with the SMTP event.
Partition Processing Raw File Destination Recordset Destination SQL Server Compact Destination SQL Server Destination
Centralized authentication IAS supports many of the standard authentication methods such as Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP), Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (MS-CHAP versions 1 and 2), and Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP). IAS interoperates with network access devices from different vendors regardless of the access method used. If IAS is configured as a member of an Active Directory domain, the user account database is used to authenticate and authorize access to the network. Centralized auditing IAS logs all authentication Accepts and Rejects, as well as usage information such as logon and logoff records.
Conflict resolution choices
1. Which of the following are valid roles for log shipping A. Principal B. Primary C. Distributor D. Standby
End Class //C# [AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Method)] public class TestSoapExtensionAttribute : SoapExtensionAttribute { public override int Priority {
Allows SSAS partitions to be processed directly from data flowing through the data flow. Stores native SSIS data in a binary file type useful for data staging. Takes the data flow data and creates a recordset in a package variable of type object. Lets you send data to a mobile device running SQL Mobile. Provides a high-speed destination specific to SQL Server 2008 if the package is running on SQL Server.
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