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Explain how authorization relates to authentication. Use the WindowsIdentity class to examine a user s name and authentication type to make decisions within your application. Explain the purpose of the WindowsPrincipal class. Describe the purpose of the PrincipalPermission class. Use declarative RBS demands to restrict access to methods. Use imperative RBS demands to create applications that restrict access to portions of your application s logic. Create custom identity classes by using the IIdentity interface, the IPrincipal interface, the GenericIdentity class, and the GenericPrincipal class. Describe the different circumstances in which the runtime uses AuthenticationException and InvalidCredentialException.
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1. An employee in the marketing department of your company works in Excel most of the day, but she spends an equal amount of time on the Internet. There she obtains product information and competitor prices from websites to create quotes. She is also pretty new to Excel and often has to access the Help and Support files. You want to help her work faster and smarter. What can you suggest (Choose all that apply.) A. Add the Web toolbar to Excel. B. Customize the toolbars, and reset the menu and toolbar usage data. C. Add the Task pane to the Excel interface. D. Add the Formula Auditing toolbar to Excel.
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queue.Send(message, MessageQueueTransactionType.Single)
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Real World
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Depending on the construction and any state that the component has, this might be overkill. If you need a component that is stateless and contains functionality that simply processes inputs and returns some sort of data, then a static (or shared in VB.NET) method might be a better solution. The sequence diagram of that life cycle is more basic, as seen in Figure 6-17.
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If your company s Web site is linked to a SQL Server 2005 server, you should consider configuring an alert so that a sudden increase in the Network Interface: Bytes/sec counter on that server sends you a warning and triggers a Network Monitor capture. data matrix code
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9: Lesson Review Answers
If your printer uses a network protocol other than TCP/IP you must install that net, work protocol before you can add additional ports that use it. The tasks and setup information required to configure a printer port depend on the network protocol.
The next five sections introduce these tools; for more information, see the related Win dows XP Help files.
so to speak. That is, when you use a Message contract as both the operation parameter type and the return type, you gain control over the entire SOAP message and not just over the structure of the data in the body. The following are the primary reasons you might want to use Message contracts: To control how the SOAP message body is structured and, ultimately, how it is serialized To supply and access custom headers This section covers the attributes needed to define Message contracts and the main reasons for using Message contracts.
MergeAction Value Replace
If the BOOT.INI file is not present, NTLDR attempts to load Windows XP Professional from the first partition of the first disk typically C:\.
// Method should throw an argument if ProductName has no characters
How to Configure Path Mapping
// error handling, presumably out of memory ASSERT(L"Error: failed to execute GetTouchInputInfo" && 0); break; } if(!CloseTouchInputHandle((HTOUCHINPUT)lParam)) { // error handling, presumably out of memory ASSERT(L"Error: failed to execute CloseTouchInputHandle" && 0); break; } delete [] pInputs; // Force redraw of the window InvalidateRect(hWnd,NULL,TRUE); } break;
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