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Include EAN13 in visual Lesson 3: Message Filters

In this lab, you will work with file and folder DACLs, and you will learn how to rescue folders created with permissions that make them inaccessible. If you encounter a problem completing an exercise, the completed projects are available on the companion CD in the Code folder.
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Csvde, discussed in detail in 3, User Accounts, supports the creation of objects from comma-separated text files. The following example shows a .csv file that will create a group, Marketing, and populate the group with two initial members: Dan Holme and Scott Bishop. The objects listed in the member attribute must already exist in the directory service. The distinguished names (DNs) of member objects are separated by semicolons.
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Lesson Summary
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Security Options
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1. Which of the following functions can you perform directly from the Windows Mobility Center (Choose all that apply.) A. Mute the speaker. B. Access offline files. C. Select a power plan. D. Turn presentation settings on or off. E. Access Sync Settings. F. Open your My Documents folder. 2. Which of the following functions can you perform from the Presentation Settings dialog box (Choose all that apply.) A. Change the screen background. B. Connect to a network projector. C. Select a new screensaver. D. Turn off system notifications. E. Access a list of connected displays. F. Set the speaker volume. 3. You are extending the screen of your mobile PC on to a second monitor. You connect the monitor and access the Display Settings dialog box. You then click the icon for the second monitor to select it. You notice that the icon for the second monitor is much smaller than the icon for the first, and a colleague has advised you that you will get the best results if both icons are approximately the same size. What control will resize the monitor icon A. Identify Monitors. When Windows Vista identifies the second monitor, it will adjust the size of the icon. B. This Is My Main Monitor. To extend a Mobile PC display on to an external monitor, you need to make this the main monitor. C. Resolution. Increasing resolution increases the size of the icon. D. Colors. Increasing color depth increases the size of the icon.
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Explain the purpose of a group Identify guidelines for using local groups Create a local group Add members to a local group Delete a local group Identify the built-in local groups Identify the built-in system groups
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Specifies the time that the lease manager will wait after checking for expired leases. The default is 10 seconds.
Managing Network Security
Configuring Virtual Private Networks for Remote Clients and Networks
The Properties window displays the events that can be raised by the control, as shown in Figure 4-7.
Estimated lesson time: 40 minutes
Allowing Windows XP to Fix Errors
Use for Single Unicode characters True/False values Pointer to a memory address Moments in time
Remote Desktop is one of my all time favorite Windows XP features. I've raved about it numerous times throughout this book because it enables me to use several computers from the comfort of a single screen and keyboard. In an enterprise environment, Remote Desktop enables users to connect to their desktop computers from any other computer in the organization. It also enables administrators to manage computers remotely and even install software on remote computers. My main problem with Remote Desktop is that Windows XP doesn't enable it by default. As a result, you must enable it on your disk image or enable it using the System Properties dialog box. Click Start, Control Panel, Performance And Maintenance, and System. On the Remote tab, select the Allow Users To Connect Remotely To This Computer check box. I've got a better solution. Use Regedit to edit the remote computer's registry. Change the REG_DWORD value fDenyTSConnections in the key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control \Terminal Server to 0x00. Setting this value to 0x01 disables Remote Desktop. After you change this value, you'll be able to log on to the computer using Remote Desktop. The account you use to edit this setting must belong to the remote computer's local Administrators group.
Microsoft Certified Professional Program
After this lesson, you will be able to:
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