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Server Manager
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Control Code Privileges by Using System.Security.Policy Classes
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4. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: There is no justification for SQL Enterprise in this situation. B. Incorrect: SQL Express would work. However, it has a higher footprint than SQL Everywhere. In addition, it does not synchronize as easily. C. Correct: This offers a low-impact installation with the ability to work disconnected. Users have to get database updates only on a monthly basis. D. Incorrect: This is too big and too costly to install on each user s machine or device.
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a. In the New Job Schedule window, type Daily for the schedule name. b. Leave Recurring entered in the Schedule Type drop-down list, and change the
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Additional Shared Folder Characteristics
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Figure 11-17 Detailed review in the tree report in an EXBPA health scan
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Use WMI and other file utilities to get a complete list of all file-based resources that are located in servers on the network. Completely document the permission structure on those resources and cross-reference it with the department heads to be certain that you understand the file resource access needs clearly. Use Event Viewer and the Performance console to get an accurate picture of any immediate bottleneck problems due to device failure, service misconfiguration, or application incompatibilities. Replace hardware, properly configure services, and upgrade applications where necessary to improve the component parts of the running environment. Once the permissions are defined, put Failure Access Auditing in place to find anyone who is attempting to gain unauthorized resource access and through what means. Use Performance Logs And Alerts to baseline the servers once clearly defined bottlenecks have been removed. Continue to monitor for changes in server performance against the baseline.
4. Klaus has informed you that his network administrators have unsuccessfully attempted to deploy a test secondary DNS server in one of the branch offices. He says the administrators specified the correct IP address of a primary DNS server running Windows Server 2003 in the Lucerne office, yet the secondary server was unable to transfer data from the primary zone. Given that this test network was successfully deployed on Windows 2000 a few years ago, what is the most likely cause of the problem
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Lesson 3
need to check how many simultaneous touch points the system can handle. Note that the limitation on the number of simultaneous touch points is a limit related to the touch-sensitive hardware, usually known as the digitizer, not a Windows 7 multitouch platform limitation. To check the current computer s configuration for multitouch support, you need to use the GetSystemMetrics(int nIndex) function, passing SM_DIGITIZER as the nIndex input parameter, to retrieve specific information about the system s touch support capabilities. The GetSystemMetrics function returns a 64-bit field that, when passing SM_DIGITIZER, can return one or a combination of the following bitwise values: NID_INTEGRATED_TOUCH Indicates the computer has a touch-sensitive device integrated into its enclosure probably a touch screen NID_EXTERNAL_TOUCH Indicates that the touch-sensitive device is an external one, such as a mountable device that you place on top of your screen NID_INTEGRATED_PEN Indicates that the computer has an integrated touchsensitive device that supports a touch pen NID_EXTERNAL_PEN Indicates that the touch-sensitive device that supports a touch pen is external usually, a touchpad NID_MULTI_INPUT Indicates that the touch-sensitive devices (either integrated or external) supports multitouch NID_READY Indicates that the touch-sensitive device is ready for use
binding deserialization encapsulation encoding enumeration (also known as enum) metadata serialization XML Infoset
4. Open another query window, which will be referred to as Connection 1, and type and execute the following SQL statement to prepare the connection:
Troubleshooting Access to Shared Folders in Windows XP
Design Standard System Settings 1
Enabling Secure Internet Access with ISA Server 2004
Designing a Remote Access Strategy
Now you re ready to configure enrollment. This is done through Group Policy. You can choose either to create a new Group Policy for this purpose or to modify an existing Group Policy object. This policy must be assigned to all members of the domain; therefore, the Default Domain Policy might be your best choice or, if you do not want to modify this policy, create a new policy and assign it to the entire domain. You use the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) to do so. 1. Log on to a DC, and then launch Group Policy Management from the Administrative Tools program group. 2. Locate or create the appropriate policy and right-click it to choose Edit. 3. To assign autoenrollment for computers, expand Computer Configuration\Policies \Windows Settings\Security Settings\Public Key Policies. 4. Double-click Certificate Services Client Auto-Enrollment. 5. Enable the policy and select the Renew Expired Certificates, Update Pending Certificates, And Remove Revoked Certificates check box. 6. Select the Update Certificates That Use Certificate Templates check box if you have already issued some certificates manually for this purpose. Click OK to assign these settings. 7. To assign autoenrollment for users, expand User Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Public Key Policies. 8. Enable the policy and select the same options as for computers. 9. Notice that you can enable Expiration Notification for users. Enable it and set an appropriate value. This will notify users when their certificates are about to expire. 10. Click OK to assign these settings.
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