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A 180-day evaluation edition of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition software is included with this book. Using this evaluation software, and other evaluation software that you can download, you can build a test environment on which you can perform all the practical exercises in this book. There are two options for creating a test lab. The first is to use two physical computers and install the operating system and database software on these computers. A cheaper alternative is to download a copy of Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 from the Microsoft Web site and create two separate virtual servers.
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CREATE TRIGGER trigger_name ON { ALL SERVER | DATABASE } [ WITH <ddl_trigger_option> [ ,...n ] ] { FOR | AFTER } { event_type | event_group } [ ,...n ] AS { sql_statement [ ; ] [ ,...n ] | EXTERNAL NAME < method specifier > [ ; ] }
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Figure 2-1
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However, when you analyze network traffic, you find that only the first of these serv ers is receiving Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests. What is likely to be the problem A. Round robin is disabled on the DNS server.
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For more information on AD LDS tools and instances, go to http://technet2.microsoft.com/ windowsserver2008/en/library/141900a7-445c-4bd3-9ce3-5ff53d70d10a1033.mspx.
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Assembly.dll version 1.0
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myPath.AddPolygon(New Point() {New Point(1,1), New Point(12, 55), _
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When an internal DNS server performs iterative queries on the Internet to resolve names, this process requires your internal network to be exposed to outside servers. Through forwarding, you can restrict cross-firewall DNS traffic to only two computers the internal forwarding DNS server and the DNS forwarder outside a firewall. With this arrangement, the external forwarder can perform iterative queries on behalf of internal servers without exposing the network.
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Anonymous authentication Users may access the public areas of your Web site without a user name or password. Basic authentication Requires that a user have a local or domain user account. Credentials are transmitted in clear text. Digest authentication Offers the same functionality as Basic authentication, while providing enhanced security in the way that a user s credentials are sent across the network. Digest authentication relies on the HTTP 1.1 protocol. Advanced Digest authentication Works only when the user account is part of an Active Directory. Collects user credentials and stores them on the domain controller. Advanced Digest authentication requires the user to be using Internet Explorer 5 or above and the HTTP 1.1 protocol. Integrated Windows authentication Collects information through a secure form of authentication (sometimes referred to as Windows NT Challenge/ Response authentication) where the user name and password are hashed before being sent across the network. Certificate authentication Adds Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security through client or server certificates, or both. This option is available only if you have Cer tificate Services installed and configured. .NET Passport authentication Provides a single sign-in service through SSL, HTTP redirects, cookies, Microsoft JScript, and strong symmetric key encryption.
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WHILE @var1 <= 10 BEGIN SET @var2 = 'Iteration #' + CAST(@var1 AS VARCHAR(2))
Figure 4-10 Forcing encrypted communications to SQL Server
RSGs enable you to recover messages, mailboxes, databases, and storage groups without needing to recover to a recovery network in a separate forest. Dial tone recovery lets you recover databases with the minimum disruption to users. When you recover the final backup set during a recovery process, you play the existing transaction logs against the recovered databases to ensure hard recovery to the point of failure. You can use Eseutil or the Database Recovery Management tool to recover damaged databases where no backup is available. You can also use Eseutil to defragment a database offline. Isinteg checks database integrity at the application level.
You can increase security by configuring Windows Vista to always prompt for administrative credentials, even when the logged-on user has administrator privileges. You do this in the practice session in this chapter.
Lesson 2: Designing SQL Server 2005 Failover Cluster Instances
ISA Server, Enterprise Edition, uses a Configuration Storage server to store the configuration for all the arrays in the enterprise. You can deploy multiple Configuration Storage servers in an organization with all Configuration Storage servers in the same enterprise storing the same configuration information. Each Configuration Storage server replicates any updates to the enterprise configuration to the other Configuration Storage servers.
Managing Computer Accounts
Create a cache rule to ensure that nothing is cached for requests for the published Web site from outside your enterprise.
Although some DoS attacks are coordinated by large numbers of users at different machines, many DoS attacks originate from a small number of addresses. By using a tool such as Network Monitor, you can determine whether many remote connections are being initiated from a small set of IP addresses.
Last, a computer running Windows Server 2003 filling the role of a Domain Name System (DNS) server will contain one additional log:
2. Install each of these updates. Ensure that you install the Windows Media Encoder before you install the update to the encoder.
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