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Exam Objectives in this :
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The second part of planning your ISA Server installation is to ensure that the deployment goes well. Your ISA Server will be integrated into an existing network, and you must determine how it will be integrated. This chapter provides guidance about how to design the network services to ensure a smooth deployment. The third step in the planning process is ensuring that the actual hardware and server you deploy meet the company s requirements as well as the software and hardware requirements for installing ISA Server 2004. This involves dealing with the questions of scalability, redundancy, and the specific hardware and software requirements of ISA Server 2004. Lessons in this :
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1. By reviewing the original requirements, I will compare them to the logical design to ensure that there are no gaps. 2. By ensuring that the design has kept the user interface and business logic tiers separate, I can ensure that the maintainability of the system is adequate for our needs.
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updates and to download and store those updates from the Microsoft Windows Update Servers. Configure a Group Policy that instructs clients to use the SUS server as their update server. Apply this GPO to the headquarters and branchoffice sites.
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Lesson 2: Choosing a Deployment Method
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Objective 5.3 Questions 1.
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Features of This Book
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The isolation level can be set to the following values:
A DBA, as part of the sysadmin role, is responsible for configuring the distribution database and setting up the Publisher-Distributor configuration at the server level. The DBA is also responsible for enabling the database for publication. A Publisher account, at the database owner access level, is responsible for creating the publication. Finally, a Subscriber account, with rights to the Publisher and Subscriber, is responsible for subscribing to the publication.
This lesson discusses how you prepare a system image for automated or manual capture and the use of Windows Image (WIM) files. It discusses the Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK), the Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE), and the Sysprep command-line tool. The lesson briefly discusses the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010 and the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool. However, 3, "Deploying System Images," describes in detail how you use DISM to amend system images and how you load and install MDT and use it to deploy a system image. After this lesson, you will be able to: Download and use the Windows AIK. In particular, use the ImageX and Oscdimg tools to create system images and Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM) to create an answer file that enables hands-free installation of a WIM image. Create a Windows PE boot disk, boot to Windows PE, and image a Windows 7 installation. Use the Sysprep utility to prepare a reference computer for imaging and understand the Windows Setup configuration passes. Understand the functions of the MDT tool and know that you can use Deployment Workbench to access MDT documentation and to access a checklist of tasks you must complete before deploying an operating system. 3 describes this tool in detail.
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Lesson 2
Education column and drag it on top of the EnglishEducation column of the Available Destination Columns list. Do the same for Occupation to EnglishOccupation and HomeOwnerFlag to HouseOwnerFlag.
used when a user is trying to access a local computer account with the incorrect credentials, as in this case.
Maintaining the Operating System
When you start a practice test, you choose whether to take the test in Certification Mode, Study Mode, or Custom Mode:
1. Why should you avoid scalar user-defined functions in large result sets 2. Why should you avoid query execution time as the primary metric when measuring query performance 3. Why should you avoid cursors Quick Check Answers 1. Avoid scalar user-defined functions because they are not optimized into the query and might therefore significantly degrade query performance. 2. Query execution time is a poor choice as primary metric because it is affected by many things, such as locks and server load. 3. Avoid cursors because of their large impact on performance.
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