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Introduction to Desktop Support
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Securing Your NAT Solution
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Configuring Internet Explorer Security
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Active Directory Overview
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standard type. These zones are authoritative for the namespace they contain. Primary zones are read-write zones except when located on RODCs. Secondary Zone Zones that are of the former, standard type and are only a replica of the data maintained by a primary or authoritative server for a namespace. When you create a secondary zone, you must tell DNS the address of the primary zone or source of the zone data. Stub Zone Zones that are nothing but pointers to other, authoritative servers for the namespace they maintain. Once again, when you create a stub zone, you must specify a list of server(s) that are authoritative for the namespace. Each zone type can be stored either in a text file or within an Active Directory directory store partition. pdf417
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After configuring one of the VPN gateways, you must also configure the other VPN gateway. The specific steps in configuring the VPN gateway for the remote site will depend on the type of VPN gateway used in the remote office. ISA Server can support a variety of VPN gateway servers in the remote site, including the following:
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When designing a site plan, you should also give consideration to the people who will manage the site structure after its deployment. The site topology owner is the name given to the administrator (or administrators) that oversee the site topology. The owner is responsible for making any necessary changes to the site as the physical network grows and changes. The site topology owner s responsi bilities include:
Use Standard Network Protocols for Network Communications When Possible
Microsoft Office System Proofing Tools is an add-in package that contains the proof ing tools that Microsoft makes for more than 30 languages. It includes fonts, spelling and grammar checkers, AutoCorrect lists, AutoSummarize rules, translation dictionaries, and for Asian languages, Input Method Editors (IMEs). These proofing tools are available at http: //
Nonpartitioned table without an index on CustomerID Partitioned table without an index on CustomerID Nonpartitioned table with an index on CustomerID Partitioned table with an index on CustomerID
To keep the values in the CustomerAccountNumber column up-to-date, you will need to use an update trigger on the Sales.Customer table or, at certain intervals, execute the previous update statement. You should generally use de-normalization when the redundant data (the CustomerAccountNumber column in the previous example) does not always need to be synchronized with the source data. That is, that the redundant data is updated periodically, such as once a day or every 30 minutes.
If the client does not trust the CA that issued your certificate, the client will usually show a warning to the end user, as shown in Figure 9-11. This warning does not prevent the user from establishing an SSL-encrypted session with your server. However, the warning might cause the user to cancel the connection. Although establishing a connection to a server with an untrusted CA still provides encryption and message integrity, using an SSL certificate issued by an untrusted CA defeats the purpose of the authentication provided by SSL.
Construct an MMC to manage a computer remotely
When run, this code presents information about this specific PerformanceCounter.
On a Windows computer with Internet access, you can view a video demonstrating how to view the information gathered by the Asset Intelligence feature in SCCM.
Click Options, and then click the Notifications tab, as Figure 7-12 shows. Notice that, by default, the system will use SQL Server trace notifications. One limitation of this notification option is that if the partition uses query binding, you must specify the tracking tables explicitly.
Figure 11-12
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