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WS-I Basic Profile
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One of the easier ways to determine the correct switches to use for a command prompt backup is to schedule a backup, as you did in Exercise 1, and then examine the com mand that the scheduled task creates. 1. Open the Backup Utility and click the Schedule Jobs tab. 2. Click the icon, in the calendar, representing the scheduled job. 3. Click Properties. 4. Select the command in the Run box and press Ctrl+C to copy it.
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You can also designate one or more preferred bridgehead servers. To designate a domain controller as a preferred bridgehead server, open the properties of the server object in the Active Directory Sites And Services snap-in, select the transport protocol, which will almost always be IP, and click Add. You can configure more than one preferred bridgehead server for a site, but only one will be selected and used as the bridgehead. If that bridgehead fails, one of the other preferred bridgehead servers will be used. It s important to understand that if you have specified one or more bridgehead servers and none of the bridgeheads is available, no other server is automatically selected, and replication does not occur for the site even if there are servers that could act as bridgehead servers. In an ideal world, you should not configure preferred bridgehead servers. However, performance considerations might suggest that you assign the bridgehead server role to domain controllers with greater system resources. Firewall considerations might also require that you assign a single server to act as a bridgehead instead of allowing Active Directory to select and possibly reassign bridgehead servers over time.
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vice or services. The two target areas that policy frameworks are generally con cerned with are cryptography and digital signatures. An XML Web service proxy represents a class that is generated and used to communicate with a Web service.
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End Namespace
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Description Retrieves the application object for the current Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request. This object is used to store application state. Retrieves the container for the component. This container is used when passing properties such as MarshallByValue. Retrieves the HttpContext object for the current request. This object allows you to reference HTTP items for the cur rent Web service request. Retrieves the value true if the component is in design mode. Retrieves the HttpServerUtility object for the current request. This object can be used when there is a need to instantiate Component Object Model (COM) objects.
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Referencing the Assembly that Contains the Component . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 555
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Estimated lesson time: 45 minutes
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// C# DialogResult aResult;
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Right-click the project node in Solution Explorer, and then click Deploy to deploy the changes and process the Adventure Works cube. In the Cube Designer, click the Browser tab. If a warning related to reprocessing the cube appears at the bottom of the tab, click Reconnect to reconnect the browser window to the cube. Explore the measures by the various product attributes that are available now that the Product dimension is included in the cube.
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Lesson 2 Review
My dial-up modem keeps trying to dial out.
You can use other tools as well, such as Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, to monitor the state of a system continuously and automatically correct well-known issues. Operations Manager relies on custom management packs to monitor specific applications.
There are three general value types:
Enabling anti-spam updates
Lab: Using Assembly Permission Requests
Group Policy settings are presented as GPOs in Active Directory user interface tools, but a GPO is actually two components: a Group Policy Container (GPC) and Group Policy Template (GPT). The GPC is an Active Directory object stored in the Group Policy Objects container within the domain naming context of the directory. Like all Active Directory objects, each GPC includes a globally unique identifier (GUID) attribute that uniquely identifies the object within Active Directory. The GPC defines basic attributes of the GPO, but it does not contain any of the settings. The settings are contained in the GPT, a collection of files stored in the SYSVOL of each domain controller in the %SystemRoot%\SYSVOL\Domain\Policies\GPO GUID path, where GPO GUID is the GUID of the GPC. When you make changes to the settings of a GPO, the changes are saved to the GPT of the server from which the GPO was opened. By default, when Group Policy refresh occurs, the CSEs apply settings in a GPO only if the GPO has been updated. The Group Policy client can identify an updated GPO by its version number. Each GPO has a version number that is incremented each time a change is made. The version number is stored as an attribute of the GPC and in a text file, GPT.ini, in the GPT folder. The Group Policy client knows the version number of each GPO it has previously applied. If, during Group Policy refresh, it discovers that the version number of the GPC has been changed, the CSEs will be informed that the GPO is updated.
You are consolidating multiple database servers onto a single server.
You are the network administrator at Tailspin Toys. You have configured a server run ning Windows Server 2003 as a VPN server. This computer has four NICs and is also configured as a router. You have configured the VPN server to issue IP address leases that it obtains from a DHCP server on one of its local subnets. The IP addresses allo cated to VPN clients are in a separate DHCP scope from those allocated to local clients. All VPN users report that they cannot access the Tailspin Toys network. You access the VPN server through a dial-up connection and find that your client PC has been allocated an IP address of This address is not in any scope on Tailspin Toys DHCP server. You verify that the DHCP server has been configured cor rectly and is not offline. You can ping all the interfaces of the VPN server from the DHCP server. You verify that the VPN server is not using any protocols that are not understood by VPN clients. What do you check next A. The number of available PPTP and L2TP ports. B. The routing table on the VPN server. C. The number of available leases in the DHCP server_fs scope. D. The VPN server has selected the proper LAN adapter from which it can obtain DHCP-allocated IP addresses.
Defining Inner Joins
Lesson Review
6. Were you able to complete all of these tasks and why
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