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figure i-7 Reporting Services can be installed in native mode, installed with SharePoint integrated mode, or installed but not configured.
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Performance thresholds
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Analysis Reporting SSRS provides an enterprise managed reporting environment,
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To complete the lessons in this chapter, you must have:
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Problems with Duplicate Names
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Read Read Read Read
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using System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates;
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Resolving a Service Call
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The ability to use try/catch type error handling in SQL Server 2005 is a great improvement to the product. This makes it simple to handle errors without polluting your code with lots of IF @@ERROR statements. This is brief explanation of the try/catch-block implementation in SQL Server 2005: data matrix barcode
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irst, thank you to Teo and Dejan for their excellent work and dedication to the effort to make this book project a success. Also thanks to my many clients who have provided real-life BI experiences both the good and the ugly, but I won t tell you which ones! Next, there s no better place to work than with Solid Quality Mentors a special thanks to Douglas McDowell and Brian Moran, who make our firm one of the best in the world. My book dedication is to my children, but it is my wonderful wife, Amy, who makes this all possible. Thank you for your patience. Sola gratia, sola fide, solo Christos. Erik Veerman
Lesson 2: Planning New User Accounts
3. Besides changing the code in the application, what techniques could be used to reduce the likelihood of a SQL injection exploit
e xercise 5
End-to-End Tracing
Now that you have a behavior, it needs to be added to a behavior extension. After the behavior is added to such an extension, it can be added to the WCF pipeline through the configuration file. The behavior extension is actually a class that derives from the BehaviorExtensionElement class, and the minimum functionality for the class is to override the CreateBehavior method so that it returns an instance of the desired behavior. The following code demonstrates this, using the LoggingEndpointBehavior:
Questions and Answers 7-35
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