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Microsoft itself provides an interesting example of how to handle security updates, because they have an extremely large installed base of customers, and new vulnerabil ities are discovered in Microsoft software on a regular basis. The security update pro cess begins when a new vulnerability is reported to the Microsoft Security Responses Center (MSRC) by a customer, a security organization, or an internal Microsoft employee. After the MSRC verifies that the vulnerability is genuine, they determine the
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Exposing the Services
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E. Incorrect: This disabling/enabling exercise will not change any configuration on
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Objective 2.7
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Remote Assistance vs. Remote Desktop For Administration Remote Assistance allows a remote control session to be established from an expert user as invited by a novice user. The credentials for authentication are supplied in the form of a shared secret password created within the invitation by the novice. Remote Desktop For Administration involves only one user connected remotely to a computer running the Terminal Server service and configured to allow Remote Desktop connections by the user. Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Remote Desktop For Administration Credentials and server configuration required for Remote Desktop For Administration connections.
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B. In Outlook Express, use the Compose tab of the Options dialog box to create mail stationery with the disclaimer at the bottom of the message. C. Configure Outlook Express to use Word as its default mail editor, and create an AutoText entry in Word with the text of the disclaimer. D. Create a message with the text of the disclaimer and save it as a draft. When the customer creates a message, he should copy the draft message.
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ISA Server does not support separate networks and access rules for networks that are not directly attached to the ISA Server computer. For example, organizations often have multiple IP networks associated with the internal corporate network. For example, you may have an internal network such as and another network such as If both networks are accessible through the same network interface on the ISA Server computer (for example, the IP address for the internal interface may be, both networks must be defined on the Internal network properties.
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Disk 0: 80 GB
All names in a Service Broker application are case sensitive. All messages are transmitted with a binary collation to ensure that different collation sequences between endpoints do not cause data loss due to character set compatibility issues.
2. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: Valid XML for a message is determined by the definition of a message type. B. Incorrect: Messages are stored on queues, and the CREATE QUEUE command defines where they are stored. C. Correct: A contract specifies a list of allowed message types that will be valid for a conversation that uses the contract. D. Incorrect: When a conversation is started, it defines specifies the services that it will be using along with the contract the services will be bound by. But a contract defines only which service can use a particular message type, not the actual services involved.
End Function
Table of Contents
Network Interface: Bytes Received/sec Network Interface: Bytes Sent/sec Network Interface: Bytes/sec Network Interface: Output Queue Length
Members of the bulkadmin fixed server role can run the BULK INSERT statement. Members of the dbcreator fixed server role can create, alter, drop, and restore any database. Members of the diskadmin fixed server role can manage disk files.
You can also delete partitions at this time. If you have a C partition, you might not be able to delete it because Setup has already loaded some files onto it. The partition you choose to use must be at least 2000 MB in size. If you cannot use the C partition to install Windows XP Professional, you must replace the C partition in all following practices in this training kit with the appropriate partition, the one on which you install Windows XP Professional.
A. Restart in Directory Services Restore mode using the ASR disk that was created
Microsoft provides the Remove Duplicates sample for educational purposes only. It has not been tested in a production environment. Microsoft does not provide technical support for this sample.
An ASP.NET application involves using Internet Informa tion Services (IIS) and can be an advantage because you are able to leverage fea tures such as session state, caching, and some of the built-in security features with IIS, such as Secure Sockets Layers (SSL). Hosting the application through IIS allows you to expose your remote object as a Web service. Manual startup of the application is also not needed. The main disadvantage of using ASP.NET applications is that they receive messages through a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) channel using a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) formatter and do not allow you to utilize a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) channel, which is generally considered the fastest option. Windows services (previously known as a Windows NT ser vice) offer the advantage of automatic startup and allow you to easily monitor the active status of your hosting application. Hosting the remote object in a Windows service can be more difficult when debugging.
Group Policy lets you apply settings to users and computers in Active Directory. You can use Group Policy to deploy and update software, configure Windows settings, and distribute registry settings via Administrative Templates.
Implementing Monitoring and Reporting
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