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Co-locate the schema master and domain naming master T h e s c h e m a m a s t e r a n d domain naming master roles should be placed on a single domain controller that is a GC server. These roles are rarely used, and the domain controller hosting them should be tightly secured. The domain naming master must be hosted on a GC server because when a new domain is added, the master must ensure that there is no object of any type with the same name as the new domain. The GC s partial replica contains the name of every object in the forest. The load of these operations master roles is very light unless schema modifications are being made. Co-locate the RID master and PDC Emulator roles Place the RID and PDC Emulator roles on a single domain controller. If the load mandates that the roles be placed on two separate domain controllers, those two systems should be physically well connected and have explicit connection objects created in Active Directory so that they are direct replication partners. They should also be direct replication partners with domain controllers that you have selected as standby operations masters. Place the infrastructure master on a DC that is not a GC The infrastructure master should be placed on a domain controller that is not a GC server but is physically well connected to a GC server. The infrastructure master should have explicit connection objects in Active Directory to that GC server so that they are direct replication partners.
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Between types that define conversion operators. Between string and base types; throws exception if the conversion is not possible. From string to a base type; returns false if the conversion is not possible. Between base Visual Basic types; compiled inline for better performance. (Visual Basic only.) Between types. DirectCast throws an exception if the types are not related through inheritance or if they do not share a common interface; TryCast returns Nothing in those situations. (Visual Basic only.)
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Case Scenario 1: Review the Logical Design of a CRM Application
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Understanding File and Folder Types
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Installing Windows 7 Update Files Manually In some cases, such as when you are dealing with stand-alone computers that are not connected to a network, it is necessary to install update files directly. You can download Windows 7 update files directly from Microsoft's Web site. You can find these updates related to each update's security bulletin. Update files have the .msu extension. If you want to script the installation of a number of MSU files, you can use the Wusa.exe utility. When chaining the installation of updates, you should use the /norestart parameter after each update except the last one that you want to install. For example, you might have a script that installs three updates with the commands:
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Sometimes the user experience in Windows Vista is not what you expect it to be. Users are prompted for credentials when they believe they should not be or not prompted for credentials when they should be. Programs do not run and software cannot be installed. Programs that should not be permitted to run do so.
As mentioned earlier, although the test-first development process might seem counterintuitive at first, it is actually straightforward: 1. Create methods to test the security aspects of each piece of functionality in your application, including the following:
/OrganizationName or /on Necessary only when setting up a new Exchange organization. If you have run Setup /PrepAD, then the /OrganizationName switch is unnecessary.
more subnet objects. A subnet object defines a range of IP addresses and is linked to one site. Service localization is attained when a client s IP address can be associated with a site through the relationship between the subnet object and the site object. You can create a site object by right-clicking the Sites node in Active Directory Sites And Services and choosing New Site. In the New Object Site dialog box that appears, shown in Figure 11-1, enter a site name and select a site link. The default site link, DEFAULTIPSITELINK, will be the only site link available to you until you create additional site links as discussed in Lesson 2, Configuring the Global Catalog and Application Directory Partitions.
In the query window, type, highlight, and execute the following query to rebuild the table using page compression and report the space usage of the table:
A production database of any significant size is seldom a static entity. Feedback from users, new requirements, new sources of data, new developments, and incident requests all result in changes that feed back and forward through the stages. Change control management requires that all change requests and all changes be documented and have signed approval, and that a paper trail exists so that developers and DBAs can track the changes. Users need to be confident that incident (bug) reports and service requests receive responses within the time that service level agreements (SLAs) specify.
A. Enables scheduling of a resource mailbox called Auditorium B. Creates a custom property called Auditorium C. Disables scheduling of a resource mailbox called Auditorium D. Creates a custom property in the Auditorium room mailbox 2. You want your company s employees to be able to identify rooms that contain network projectors. Your company considers network projectors to be fixed resources, and they cannot be moved from room to room. How best can you achieve this aim A. Create a room mailbox for each room. Create a custom resource called NetworkProjector and add it in each relevant room mailbox s Resource Information tab. B. Create an equipment mailbox for each network projector. Create a custom resource for each room and add the appropriate room custom resource in the Resource Information tab of each corresponding equipment mailbox. C. Create a dynamic distribution group called NetworkProjectors. Specify that network projector equipment resource mailboxes are members of this group. D. Create a mail-enabled security group called network projectors. Ask the domain administrator to add the users associated with every network projector equipment mailbox to that group.
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Multilink Connections When the Multilink Connections check box is selected, the Routing And Remote Access service allows Multilink connections from remote access clients. With Multilink, multiple physical links operate as a single logical link over which data is sent and received. Thus, PPP clients can increase their bandwidth by fus ing separate connections to the remote access server. (Multilink requires additional configuration at the client.) Dynamic Bandwidth Control Using BAP Or BACP When the Dynamic Bandwidth Con trol Using BAP Or BACP check box is selected, Multilink connections add or drop addi tional PPP connections to accommodate a rise or fall in available bandwidth. Bandwidth Allocation Protocol (BAP) and Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (BACP) work together to provide this service, which is known as bandwidth on demand (BOD). Link Control Protocol (LCP) Extensions The Link Control Protocol (LCP) Extensions check box must be selected to support certain advanced PPP features such as callback. Leave this option enabled unless clients cannot successfully connect through PPP. Dis abling this check box might resolve problems with older clients that do not support these extensions.
// C# String s = null; Debug.WriteIf(s == null, "Variable [s] is null");
For more information about using the Tablet PC Input Panel to convert handwriting to text, see Entering Information Using the Tablet PC Pen in 4, Using Your Mobile PC At Your Desk. For more information about sending ink messages by using MSN Messenger, see Using Ink with MSN Messenger on Your Tablet PC in 4, Using Your Mobile PC At Your Desk. For more information about taking handwritten notes in meetings, see Taking Notes on Your Tablet PC in 5, Using Your Mobile PC in Meetings.
The service endpoint specifies the address, binding, and contract for a service. WCF provides several standard bindings you can use to configure most services. To facilitate supporting multiple clients and scenarios, you can specify more than one endpoint for your service. Each endpoint can expose a unique address, binding, or contract combination. A service can expose the service s metadata, using HTTP-GET, by providing a metadata exchange endpoint. You can change the default values for properties associated with all the standard bindings. You can make these changes programmatically or to the service configuration file. For scenarios in which a standard binding does not provide the functionality required, you can create custom bindings.
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