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9. From the Capture menu of Network Monitor, select Stop And View and answer the following questions. Were you successful
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Using Database Mail to Send Messages
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4. In the Administrative Tools window, select Computer Management.
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The policy setting must be applied to the server that contains the object being audited. You can configure the policy setting in the server s local GPO or use a GPO scoped to the server. You can define the policy then to audit Success events, Failure events, or both. The policy setting (shown in Figure 7-17) must specify auditing of Success or Failure attempts that match the type of auditing entry in the object s SACL (shown in Figure 7-16). For example, to log a failed attempt by a member of the Consultants group to access the Confidential Data folder, you must configure the Audit Object Access policy to audit failures, and you must configure the SACL of the Confidential Data folder to audit failures. If Audit Policy audits successes only, the failure entries in the folder s SACL will not trigger logging.
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Cannot preview e-mail messages in Inbox.
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of memory the process is using that can be shared by other processes Memory - Peak Working Set Maximum amount of working set memory used by the process Memory - Working Set Delta Amount of change in working set memory used by the process Memory - Commit Size Amount of virtual memory that is reserved for use by a process Memory - Paged Pool Amount of committed virtual memory for a process that can be written to another storage medium, such as the hard disk Memory - Nonpaged Pool Amount of committed virtual memory for a process that cannot be written to another storage medium
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e.HasMorePages = true;
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Manage Basic Disks and Dynamic Disks
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Creating Installation From Media Data Sets
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Lesson 3: handling Data flow errors and Debugging
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Figure 15 2: Removing the value StubPath from the subkey {2C7339CF 2B09 4501 B3F3 F3508C9228ED} prevents Windows XP from configuring the new user interface.
Each permission is granular. Even though you ve been denied the ability to reset passwords, you might still have the ability, through other allow permissions, to change the user s logon name or e-mail address.
To find out more about which operating systems are supported as virtual guests on Hyper-V, consult the following TechNet document: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/ library/cc794868(WS.10).aspx.
all the functionality of SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, but it is licensed for use as a development and test system, not as a production server. Developer Edition is suited for developers in larger companies who need to develop applications that will use Enterprise Edition but who do not want to install Enterprise Edition on development or test servers.
Objective 5.1
' VB Dim argumentTypes() As Type = _ New Type() {GetType(System.Int32)} ' One argument of type Int32 Dim ctor As ConstructorInfo = hashType.GetConstructor(argumentTypes) // C# Type[] argumentTypes = new Type[] { typeof(int) }; // One argument of type int ConstructorInfo ctor = hashType.GetConstructor(argumentTypes);
Maintenance Plan operations, and Backup and Restore. As shown in Figure 6-5, you can configure the age after which historical data will be deleted.
C. Correct: This tool will allow Rooslan to connect remotely to each server and to
1. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: The Simple recovery model does not offer point-in-time recovery. B. Incorrect: The Bulk-Logged recovery model does not offer point-in-time recovery for bulk-logged operations. C. Correct: Only the Full recovery model offers complete point-in-time recovery. D. Incorrect: Every database is set to one of three recovery models: Simple, Bulk-Logged, and Full. 2. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: In the Simple recovery model, transaction log backups are not performed, so you cannot apply transaction log backups. In addition, this restore sequence is presented in the reverse order. B. Incorrect: In the Simple recovery model, transaction log backups are not performed, so you cannot apply transaction log backups. C. Correct: In the Simple recovery model, you perform only full and (option ally) differential backups. To properly restore these backups, first restore the last full backup and then the last differential backup (if any) performed since the last full backup.
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