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User Mode Limited Access, multiple window
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5. When you have completed your selection of objects and counters, click Close to return to the Performance console. Table 19-4 explains a few of the counters that you might find useful for evaluating your computer s performance.
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Note If this is the first time you have shared a printer or a file on the computer, Windows XP Professional prompts you to either run the Network Setup Wizard or just enable sharing. For the purposes of this exercise, you should just enable sharing if Windows presents you with the choice. For more information on using the Network Setup Wizard, see 15.
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USE AdventureWorks GO DECLARE @X XML SET @X = ( SELECT Department.[DepartmentID] 'Department/@id' ,Department.[Name] 'Department/@name', ( SELECT History.[EmployeeID] 'Employee/@id' ,History.[StartDate] 'Employee/@StartDate' ,DATEDIFF(year, History.[StartDate], GetDate()) 'Employee/@YearsInRole'
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Package Migration Wizard
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For example, to recover the system state from a backup dated 15 February, 2008, from D drive on SERVER10, type:
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Creating the federation trust to enable identity federation. This also involves several steps:
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Lesson Summary
Table 13-1 Queue Types, Description, and Syntax of the Pathname
ImpersonateCallerFor Outcome AllOperations true or false false true false true Caller is impersonated. Caller is not impersonated. Caller is impersonated. Caller is not impersonated. An InvalidOperationException is thrown.
Open Excel 2003, click Tools, click Options, and from the Calculation tab, enable the Equation Editor. D. Open Excel 2003, click View, and click Equation Editor.
Description Thousands separator and scaling. First, if the format string contains a , character between two digit placeholders (0 or #) and to the left of the decimal point if one is present, then the output will have thousand separators inserted between each group of three digits to the left of the decimal separator. The actual character used as the decimal separator in the result string is determined by the NumberGroupSeparator property of the current NumberFormatInfo that controls formatting. If the format string contains one or more , characters imme diately to the left of the decimal point, then the number will be divided by the number of , characters multiplied by 1000 before it is formatted. For example, the format string 0,, will represent 100 million as simply 100.
Figure 4-3 shows a list of system folders in the Non_IPM_Subtree.
Exam Tip
Note This script is a simple script that just checks for the presence of a file called Access.txt on the root of C: drive. In the real world, you will need to use a different script.
Sort data in a DataView by setting the DataView.Sort property to the column name you want to sort on. To sort on multiple columns, separate column names with a comma (,). Complete the Sort expression with ASC to sort in ascending order, or DESC to sort in descending order. (ASC is the default behavior.) The following code sample sorts the DataView in descending order on the ContactName column:
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