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This involves ensuring that only specific users, rather than all users, are able to use this functionality. Securing database mail is covered by the practice at the end of this lesson.
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Returns the total number of logical reads performed by executions of this plan since it was compiled.
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Case Scenario 1: Suggesting a Distributed Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 165
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To resolve connectivity problems on a workgroup or a domain, check all physical connections, including cables, hubs, switches, routers, servers, and network com puters first. To resolve connectivity problems that do not involve physical connectivity prob lems, troubleshoot the network connection in Network Connections. To resolve connectivity issues that have to do with TCP/IP, check for APIPA use, and use command-line utilities such as ping, ipconfig, pathping, and others. To resolve name-resolution problems, verify that DNS and WINS are properly configured and in working order and that HOSTS and LMHOSTS files are correctly configured. To resolve problems with ICS, remove offending hardware such as DHCP and DNS servers, domain controllers, or computers with static IP addresses. Then run the Network Setup Wizard again.
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roaming user profile A profile that is stored in a network-accessible location, thus allowing a user to access their desktop, application data, and settings when they log on to any computer. See also profile. router A network hardware device (or computer-installed software package) that handles the connection between two or more networks. Routers look at the des tination addresses of the packets passing through them and decide which route to use to send them.
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' VB Dim aForm As New Form2
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Configuring E-Mail Accounts
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B, D, and E are the correct answers. All of these can be easily removed using the Taskbar And Start Menu Properties dialog box. A is not correct because the Start button cannot be removed, and C is incorrect because even though you can remove everything from the notification area, the tray itself is still visible on the taskbar.
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Users/Domains (see Figure 9-6)
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' VB Shared Sub Main(ByVal args() As String) Dim writer As StreamWriter = _ File.CreateText("c:\newfile.txt") writer.WriteLine("This is my new file") writer.WriteLine("Do you like its format ") writer.Close() End Sub // C# static void Main(string[] args)
Figure 13-25: Counters and instances added 16. Do not close Performance Monitor. Go directly to Exercise 2. EXERCISE 2: Set Performance Monitor Properties and Monitor Disk Performance In this exercise, you set the sample interval and duration, read data from, and write data to the disk volume you are monitoring. You view the results in line, histogram, and report formats. Perform this exercise immediately after Exercise 1. 1. 2. In the Performance Monitor Action pane, click More Actions and then click Properties. On the General tab of the Performance Monitor Properties dialog box, in the Graph Elements section, change the Sample Every value to 5 and the Duration value to 300. Click OK. 3. Copy a file or folder (about 100 MB in size) from your C: drive to your attached storage device. 4. Copy a file or folder (about 100 MB in size) from your attached storage device to your C: drive. 5. View the line graph in Performance Monitor, as shown in Figure 13-26. This might not easily provide the information you are looking for.
Lesson 1: Exploring the Service Broker Architecture
parm.Value = productID;
Lab: Practice with Command and Text Display Controls. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75
7. Add the following lines of code to the For loop of TimeConsumingMethod:
//C# using System;
Message queue
Lesson Review
Estimated lesson time: 30 minutes
The server you select to be a NAT server is just as important as the one you select to be a Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) server or a DHCP server. There are many considerations that need to be used in this process. In your design, you should consider
4. In the same file, below the proxy class, define a GreetingServiceAgent class that wraps an instance of the proxy class you just defined. This agent class also sets up the instancing context for the proxy in its constructor, and it implements the Callback contract. The class should be as follows:
Before You Begin
case REPORT_RUNNING: // Get the current location report; then get the ILatLongReport interface from ILocationReport // using QueryInterface; then ensure that it isn't NULL if ((SUCCEEDED(spLocation->GetReport (IID_ILatLongReport, &spLocationReport))) && (SUCCEEDED(spLocationReport->QueryInterface (IID_PPV_ARGS(&spLatLongReport)))) ) { // Print the Timestamp SYSTEMTIME systemTime; if (SUCCEEDED(spLatLongReport->GetTimestamp(&systemTime))) { PrintTimestamp(systemTime); } // Print the Sensor ID GUID information GUID sensorID = {0}; if (SUCCEEDED(spLatLongReport->GetSensorID(&sensorID))) { PrintSensorGUID(sensorID); } // Print the report PrintLatLongReport(spLatLongReport); } else { //handle error } break;
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