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Generator QR in visual C# Lesson 3: Working with Dictionaries

Merge replication allows various sites to work autonomously and subsequently to merge updates into a single, uniform result. Because updates are made at more than one node, the same data might have been updated by the Publisher and by more than one Subscriber. Therefore, conflicts can occur when updates are merged, and merge replication provides a number of ways to handle conflicts.
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Monitoring and Troubleshooting TCP/IP Connections
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Lesson 2
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The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. If you are unable to answer a question, review the lesson materials and try the question again. You can find answers to the questions in the Questions and Answers section at the end of this chapter. 1. Which of the following built-in groups in Windows XP Professional have the permissions to create shared folders by default (Choose all that apply.) A. Administrators B. Backup Operators C. Power Users D. Users 2. One of your users is a sales executive with a folder on her computer named Cus tomers, and she wants to share the folder with other sales executives on the network. She understands that she can secure the folder by assigning permission to access the folder to only the appropriate users. However, she prefers that other users on the network not even see the folder when they browse My Network Places on their computers. What would you name the share for this folder so that it is hidden A. Customers# B. #Customers C. Customers$ D. $Customers
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1. Message Tracking is part of Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant, and Keith needs to install this software. However, he first needs to install .NET Framework. Alternatively, you could advise Keith to check out the Get-MessageTrackingLog PowerShell cmdlet. 2. Don should click Toolbox Exchange Management Console and open the Database Recovery Management tool. He can create a recovery storage group from the Task Center in this tool. 3. Network Monitor.
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Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining IP Addressing (1.0)
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Change the objects you created in Practice 1 to store 100 objects, and see whether the results are similar.
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Queue Viewer and Exchange Management Shell use the same comparison operators when filtering, although the representation in Exchange Management Shell is different from the representation in the pull-down menu in Queue Viewer. Table 9-2 lists the comparison operators.
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When the Klist Tickets command is used, the following information is displayed:
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issue from the command prompt of each of the Windows Server 2003 computers on which you will install ISA Server (Choose the correct answer.) A. F:\SETUP.EXE /X /QN E:\MSISAUND.INI B. E:\WINNT32.EXE /X /QN F:\MSISAUND.INI C. E:\SETUP.EXE /X /QN F:\MSISAUND.INI D. E:\SETUP.EXE /X /QN F:\UNATTEND.TXT
The final example shows the usage of double quotes to define a phrase rather than a single term. The second query also shows the usage of Boolean operators within the query. The results are displayed in Figure 8-11.
CComObject<CLocationEvents>* pLocationEvents = NULL; // Create the object if (FAILED(CComObject<CLocationEvents>::CreateInstance(&pLocationEvents))) { // handle error wprintf(L"Error creation Location events sink.\n"); return 1; }
Article i Article ii After you answer an individual question, if you want to see which answers are correct along with an explanation of each correct answer click Explanation. Article iii If you prefer to wait until the end of the test to see how you did, answer all the questions, and then click Score Test. You will see a summary of the exam objectives you chose and the percentage of questions you got right, both overall and per objective. You can print a copy of your test, review your answers, or retake the test.
Table 13-7 WSRM Policies and Custom Resources
One consideration to make when defining your primary keys is how your data will be used in large systems. In the case of data warehousing it might be useful to create truly unique keys. For example, let s assume you were creating an e-commerce application where you expected to deploy separate databases for each customer who bought your ecommerce application. If you had a particularly big customer who bought several instances of your application, the customer might find the need to merge or warehouse data in each of these instances. If you use a simple numeric primary key, multiple databases will have the same key value that points at different logical entities. In those cases you have two options: remapping primary keys or using universally unique keys. Remapping primary keys is the process of reassigning keys as you merge databases. This can be labor-intensive and processor-intensive, but it s often the right decision because of the few instances where this occurs or if the performance of the original system is more important than the processing time during merge. Alternatively, you can use universally unique keys (for example, globally unique identifier [GUID] or other uniqueness). The problem with using universally unique keys is that they generally perform worse than simple unique keys. The rule of thumb is to remap primary keys by default and use universally unique keys only when you know that merging or data warehousing of data across databases is likely to occur. A special type of entity deserves special attention: a mapping entity. A mapping entity is used to create a many-to-many relationship in some schema designs. More often than not you can define the primary key for these entities to be a multipart key made up of the primary keys of each of the entities. For example, let s assume that we need a vendor table in our design to know whom to buy our products from. But since we might buy products from more than one vendor, we need a way to map vendors to products. Our resulting table will look like Figure 6-6.
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Serviced Component Management
Lesson 4 Review
11. Build the project, and resolve any errors. Verify that only one instance of the application can be run at once.
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