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Lesson 4: Using Dynamic Management Views and Functions
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Lesson 1: Configuring Backups
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Real World
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Log in as Kim_Akers on a client PC running Microsoft Outlook 2007. Test the effect of various parameter settings on public folders by posting to them and sending e-mail messages to them. Log on to the Exchange Server 2007 server and reconfigure the public folders. From the client PC, test the effect of the changes you made.
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The following T-SQL code loads the assembly into the AdventureWorks database and displays its properties by querying the sys.assemblies catalog view:
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Practice 2:
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Service Controller Socket Access
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Quick Check Answer
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Practice 3 Again using the same assembly, add imperative security where
Lesson 3
2. Save the file as c:\createfiles.bat including the quotation marks. 3. Open the command prompt and type cd c:\. 4. Type the command createfiles.bat. 5. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the c:\data\finance directory. You should see the following display:
You and the users you support can use public folders for shared communication, including shared e-mail messages, discussions through message posts, contact lists, group calendars, and archiving distribution list posts. You can also use public folders for shared content management. They can be used to store content such as document files and for sharing content, provided you do not require versioning and provisioning. Public folders can provide a repository if you require offline or replicated information storage. You can also configure public folders to enable multiple users to access and add information to threaded discussions, although SharePoint Server is possibly becoming the preferred tool for this purpose. You should, however, try to discourage users from archiving personal data in public folders. Personal folder (.pst) files were designed for this purpose, and using public folders has resource implications for public folder servers and undermines the goal of mailbox limits. Bear in mind that public folders are not designed for document sharing and collaboration. They do not provide versioning or other document management features, such as automatic content change notifications that are provided by products such as Microsoft Groove 2007.
You should configure Olinda s current power scheme so that Windows does not attempt to turn off the monitor after an idle period.
To make an HTTP endpoint meaningful, the SOAP payload must specify at least one Web method. Web methods simply expose stored procedures and functions as public methods that a Web service can call. In the WEBMETHOD portion of the SOAP pay load s language-specific arguments, you map specific stored procedures and functions you want to expose in the endpoint as Web methods.
This counter shows the rate at which bytes (including framing characters) are sent over each network adapter (or instance of the counter). A sudden, unexpected increase in this value on a SQL Server 2005 server could indicate that a large volume of information is being accessed. If you cannot find an explanation for such a surge, further investigation is required.
End Class Public Class PolicyAssertion Inherits Microsoft.Web.Services3.Design.Policy Public Sub New() Dim assertion As New MutualCertificate11Assertion() assertion.ClientActor = "http://microsoft.web.services3.samples.securerouting/ client" assertion.ServiceActor = "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/actor/next" assertion.ClientX509TokenProvider = New X509TokenProvider(StoreLocation.CurrentUser, StoreName.My, "CN=WSE2QuickStartClient") assertion.ServiceX509TokenProvider = New X509TokenProvider(StoreLocation.LocalMachine, StoreName.My, "CN=WSE2QuickStartServer") Me.Assertions.Add(assertion) End Sub End Class //C# using using using using using
CustomersTable.Columns.Add("Phone", Type.GetType("System.String"));
Lesson 3
The Request/Response MEP should be used in most cases because it is the safest and the most versatile. In most real-world services, even if the incoming request message is intended to trigger long-running work that should happen asynchronously from the consumer s perspective, a best practice is still to return some kind of acknowledgement, usually containing some form of ID with which the consumer can correlate later requests that check on the status of that long-running work.
In the existing query window, below the existing code, type, highlight, and execute the following code to enable change tracking on the AdventureWorksDW2008 database:
Selecting a Recovery Model for a Database
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