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these keys directly and change the policy, however. That covers the location of policies in the registry; now for their location on the file system. The local GPO is in %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\GroupPolicy. This is a super hidden folder. To show it in Windows Explorer, click Tools, Options; on the Folder Options dialog box's View tab, select the Show Hidden Files And Folders option, and then clear the Hide Protected Operating System Files check box. It contains the following subfolders and files (our focus is the file Registry.pol): \Adm. Contains all the ADM files for the local GPO. \User. Includes the file Registry.pol, which contains registry based policies for users. When users log on to the computer, Windows XP applies these to HKCU. \User\Scripts. Contains the local GPO's per user scripts. The scripts in \Logon run when users log on to Windows XP, and the scripts in \Logoff run when they log off of the operating system. \Machine. Includes the file Registry.pol, which contains registry based policies for the computer. When Windows XP starts, it applies these settings to HKLM. \Machine\Scripts. Contains the local GPO's per computer scripts. The scripts in \Startup run when Windows XP starts, and the scripts in \Shutdown run when the operating systems shuts down. If you're familiar with System Policy and the file Ntconfig.pol, you're probably wondering whether the files Registry.pol and Ntconfig.pol use similar formats. They don't. Both are binary files, but Registry.pol is much simpler. It contains a simple list of settings, including their value names, type, and data, in a binary format. Ntconfig.pol is actually a registry hive file that you can load and browse in Regedit. Unfortunately, you can't do the same with Registry.pol. Note Domain GPOs are more complicated than local GPOs. Active Directory stores policies in \\Server\SYSVOL\Domain\Policies, where Server is the name of the domain controller, and Domain is the name of the domain. Each GPO is in a subfolder, and the name of the subfolder is the GPO's GUID (see 1, "Learning the Basics"). The structure of each GPO's subfolder is similar to the structure of the local GPO described in this chapter. The \User and \Machine folders have additional subfolders, though, and the various Group Policy extensions create these.
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Exercise 1: Create a Service to Monitor a Web Site
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Practice 1
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Case When KpiValue("Reseller Sales")/KpiGoal("Reseller Sales") >= 1 Then 1 When KpiValue("Reseller Sales")/KpiGoal("Reseller Sales")< 1 And KpiValue("Reseller Sales")/KpiGoal("Reseller Sales")>= .85 Then 0 Else -1 End
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After you have examined and prepared your data, you need to create your mining structure and models. You create your models by using the Analysis Services Project template in BIDS. For data mining models, you define the data source and DSV objects in the same way you create them for Unified Dimensional Model (UDM) dimensions and cubes. You then create a data mining structure. The data mining structure is a data structure that defines the domain from which you build your mining models it specifies the source data through a DSV, the columns, and training and test set partitioning. A single mining structure can contain multiple mining models.
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Superscope Supporting Remote Multinets Figure 7-8 illustrates a configuration used to support multinets on a physical network (Subnet B) that is separated from the DHCP server. In this scenario, a superscope defined on the DHCP server joins the two multinets on a remote segment beyond the router. Because DHCP traffic is normally restricted to the local subnet, a DHCP relay agent is used to support clients on the remote segment.
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Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is correct or incorrect are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
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Why This Matters
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Creating Queries to Inspect the Data
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To generate a new report, complete the following procedure: 1. In ISA Server Management Console, click Monitoring. 2. Click the Reports tab.
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Feature Extended protocol support
In the Report Designer, click the Design tab. On the Report menu, select Report Properties, and then in the Report Properties dialog box, click the Code tab.
Lesson 1: Implementing Spatial Data Types
Lesson 2: Initializing Log Shipping
Exam objectives in this chapter:
8. Click the button marked by an ellipsis ( ) in the Autogrowth column for the AdventureWorks_Data.mdf file. 9. Take a moment to browse the settings available for configuration in the Change Autogrowth For AdventureWorks_Data dialog box. 10. Answer the following question: Has a maximum file size been configured for AdventureWorks_Data.mdf Answer: No, a maximum file size has not been configured for AdventureWorks_Data.mdf. 11. Click Cancel to close the Change Autogrowth For AdventureWorks_Data dialog box. 12. In the Database Properties AdventureWorks dialog box, select the Filegroups page. 13. Answer the following question:
catalog population A background process
What Is the Strong Name Tool (Sn.exe)
To test Autoexists, replace the Sales Territory Group attribute with the Sales Territory Region attribute. Notice that the European regions are now excluded even though you have not defined explicit dimension data security on the Sales Territory Region attribute. That is because the server returns only the members of the attribute hierarchies that relate to one another in the same dimension. Optionally, use SSMS to add Windows users and/or groups as members of the Adventure Works role. Log on as one of the role members, and then test the role rights.
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