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6. Review the information about the role and click Next. 7. On the Select Role Services page, select Federation Service Proxy and click Add Required Role Services. Also, select AD FS Web Agents and click Next. Note that although you cannot add the Federation Service Proxy on the same server as the federation server, you can combine the FSP and the AD FS Web Agents role services. 8. On the Choose A Server Authentication Certificate For SSL Encryption page, select Create A Self-Signed Certificate For SSL Encryption and click Next. In a production environment, you would need to request certificates from a trusted CA so that all your systems will work together through the Internet. 9. On the Specify Federation Server page, type and click Validate. The validation should fail because you have not yet set up the trust relationship between each computer. This is done by exporting and importing the SSL certificates for each server through IIS. You will perform this task in Lesson 2. 10. Click Next. 11. On the Choose A Client Authentication Certificate page, select Create A Self-Signed Client Authentication Certificate and click Next. 12. Review the information on the Web Server (IIS) page and click Next. 13. On the Select Role Services page, accept the default values and click Next. 14. On the Confirm Installation Selections page, review your choices and click Install. 15. When the installation is complete, click Close to close the installation wizard. 16. Repeat the operation on SERVER04 in the domain. When asked to input the federation server, type Also, use self-signed certificates when prompted and do not install AD FS Web Agents on SERVER04. Its role is only that of an FSP because it is in the account organization. You begin with SERVER08 because it does not include any role and displays all the installation pages you would see when installing the AD FS role on a new server. Note that because SERVER04 already includes some server roles, the installation process on this server is shorter. Exam Tip
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Creating User Objects with Active Directory Users And Computers
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3. WINS database utilizes five different file types for operation. List the five file types and a brief description of their function.
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Although classful IP addressing is important to understand, it is primarily interesting only from a historical perspective. Most modern networks that use public class A or B addresses are no longer organized by using the traditional classful subnet mask. Originally, routers and routing protocols did not separately track network IDs and subnet masks because memory for these devices was scarce and expensive. Instead, classful routing was necessary because devices had to assume the subnet mask based on the first octet. Today, memory is cheap, and every router (and routing protocol) stores both network IDs and subnet masks in the routing tables.
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You should also consider having additional phone lines and modems available in case there are changes in the number of remote users needing dial-up access to your network access server or if there are the inevitable equipment failures that occur on all networks.
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Note In previous versions of Windows and in earlier versions of documentation, the printer was referred to as the print device and the logical printer was referred to as the printer.
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' VB Public Overrides Sub Install(ByVal stateSaver As System.Collections.IDictionary) MyBase.Install(stateSaver) ' Insert code for the custom action here End Sub // C# public override void Install(System.Collections.IDictionary stateSaver) { base.Install(stateSaver); // Insert code for your custom action here }
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<windows allowedImpersonationLevel="Anonymous" allowNtlm="False" />
Case Scenario Exercise, Requirement 2
The Networking tab provides an overview of the use on your network card. The scale on the left is the percentage used, and it automatically changes scale depending on how much the link is used. You can also determine other miscellaneous data such as whether the link is operational or unplugged by looking at the State column. And in the Link Speed column, you can see what speed the link is.
Exam Objectives in this :
The Settings tab of the Input Panel Options dialog box
Modifying Data The INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and MERGE Statements
<behaviors> <serviceBehaviors> <behavior name="throttlingBehaviort"> <serviceThrottling maxConcurrentCalls="15" maxConcurrentInstances="10" maxConcurrentSessions="5"/> </behavior> </serviceBehaviors> </behaviors>
You can add a new report to the SSRS solution to satisfy this user requirement. Create a dataset that uses the AdventureWorks relational database. In the dataset s query, filter the information to retrieve only the last week s sales by product category, subcategory, and model. Use a Table data region and create two additional groupings, one by category and
Windows Server 2003 introduced the Saved Queries node of the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. This powerful function enables you to create rule-driven views of your domain, displaying objects across one or more OUs. To create a saved query: 1. Open the Active Directory Users And Computers snap-in. Saved Queries is not available in the Active Directory Users And Computers snap-in that is part of Server Manager. You must use the Active Directory Users And Computers console or a custom console with the snap-in. 2. Right-click Saved Queries, choose New, and then select Query. 3. Type a name for the query. 4. Optionally, enter a description. 5. Click Browse to locate the root for the query. The search will be limited to the domain or OU you select. It is recommended to narrow your search as much as possible to improve search performance. 6. Click Define Query to define your query. 7. In the Find Common Queries dialog box, select the type of object you want to query. The tabs in the dialog box and the input controls on each tab change to provide options that are appropriate for the selected query. 8. Click OK. After your query is created, it is saved within the instance of the Active Directory Users And Computers snap-in, so if you open the Active Directory Users And Computers console (dsa.msc), your query will be available the next time you open the console. If you created the saved query in a custom console, it will be available in that custom console. To transfer saved queries to other consoles or users, you can export the saved query as an XML file and then import it to the target snap-in. The view in the details pane of the saved query can be customized as described earlier, with specific columns and sorting. A very important benefit of saved queries is that the customized view is specific to each saved query. When you add the Last Name column to the normal view of an OU, the Last Name column is actually added to the view of every OU, so you will see an empty Last Name column even for an OU of computers or groups. With saved queries, you can add the Last Name column to a query for user objects and other columns for other saved queries. Saved queries are a powerful way to virtualize the view of your directory and monitor for issues such as disabled or locked accounts. Learning to create and manage saved queries is a worthwhile use of your time.
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Upgrade from One Edition of Windows Vista to Another Edition
Result of running example OPENXML query with implicit mapping
string functions Take the value of a string and then apply logic to modify the value or find a specific location in the value for example, Len, LTrim, and Replace. Date/time functions
456 ChAPTER 11
For more information on working with the other certificate types, go to /windowsserver2008/en/library/5eb527a9-34d8-464f-9735-e7dcd2613ffc1033.mspx.
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