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You can set the PropertySort property to a member of the PropertySort enumeration at run time, as shown in the following example.
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When building up the logging configuration, you start with formatters. Included in the installation of Enterprise Library are binary and text formatters. Or you can create a custom formatter by defining a class that implements the ILogFormatter interface. The goal of the formatter is to convert a log entry into a format that can be delivered to the trace listener. For this reason, there is a direct correlation between a particular instance of a formatter and the trace listener. Once the formatter has been defined, it gets associated with a trace listener. A number of trace listeners are provided with the installation, including database, e-mail, flat file, and the event log. Creating a specific trace listener means specifying a formatter to be used and then defining the properties associated with the specific destination. So, for example, an e-mail trace listener would have Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) details, and a database trace listener would include a connection string. The final step in the configuration process is to define the category. Here you specify the category name and severity level, as well as indicate which trace listener to use. So now, when a log message is posted through the Write method, the category associated with the message is used to identify the trace listener to use. Then the formatter associated with the trace listener is used to format the log message into the appropriate string value. The listener then uses that string value when directing the output to the appropriate destination. If the listener is associated with a database, for example, the formatter will convert the log message into an INSERT statement, which the trace listener will then execute against the appropriate database. It is also important to be aware that each category can have more than one listener associated with it. In other words, each log message can be directed to one or more listeners. This satisfies one of the characteristics that was identified at the end of Lesson 2, that being that most realworld scenarios require logging to have more than one destination.
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From this profit chart, you can see that with predefined settings, you can expect profits to increase with the percentage of the target population, up to nearly 80 percent of the overall population. This result would use Decision Trees to select the 79 percent target population; if you target more prospective customers, profit would start to fall because of the expenses required to reach each additional customer. For example, we used the default settings for the profit chart: the overall population is 50,000 cases, the fixed cost of the campaign is 5,000
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The problem with using a front-end application is that it needs to be used. Although it s quite possible to create an application that would keep both sides in sync, there is no guarantee that the application will be used any time the configuration data is updated. As with pretty much any database, there are direct methods (such as executing SQL statements) that could update the configuration information without using the front end. Which brings up the second possibility the use of a trigger to keep the configuration data synchronized. Again, this is certainly a possibility, although it requires that the changes always be made on the MySQL side. There is no way to raise a trigger on the saving of a standard .NET config file. But the assumption is that the person writing the trigger knows where all of the configuration files that need to be updated are kept. And if (make that when) a new application is created, the trigger will have to be updated with that information as well. In other words, this solution is a fragile one that will work for a while but that has the possibility of being useless as time goes on and knowledgeable people move on to other positions. Of course, there is the requirement for some additional configuration information, specifically the connection details for the MySQL database. But in the overall scheme of things, that is not overly challenging and can easily be placed into the standard application configuration file. Which brings us back to the proposed solution. The main benefit is that there need be no remembering for it to work. To be completely open, what has to be remembered is that a custom provider is required to be used. But once it is, an object can easily be created from the configuration information. And if configuration information is modified, even if the structure of the data store is changed, the configuration option can easily adjust. 2. The biggest risk to the proposed solution is that the .NET applications now depend on the presence of the MySQL database in order to function. Precisely how good or bad this is depends on the specifics of the infrastructure, but even in the best-case scenario it is now necessary to have access to the database in order to launch the application. Even when you tell users about this requirement, it will still come as a shock the first time the database is unavailable and they can t launch the application. The easiest way to mitigate this problem is to design a caching mechanism into the configuration provider. Perhaps as the configuration information is retrieved from MySQL, it can immediately be persisted into the .NET configuration file. In that manner, if the MySQL database is unavailable, the most recent values can be used instead. Note that the feasibility of this mitigation depends in large part on the criticality of the configuration information. If the configuration data doesn t change regularly, caching it in app.config is a viable solution. Also, if missing any changes temporarily is not a significant problem, the caching might be possible. But as either of these variables moves toward a higher level of criticality, the less likely it is that a caching solution will be feasible.
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Before binding new network components to a connection, be sure the network com ponent is actually needed. Network performance is enhanced and network traffic is reduced when only the required protocols and clients are installed; excessive services can hinder performance on your local computer. To add a network component, complete the following steps: 1. Open Network Connections. 2. Right-click the connection to which you want to add a network component, and then click Properties. Do one of the following:
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dsquery user OU=Employees, DC=Contoso,DC=Com -stalepwd 7 | dsmod user -mustchpwd yes
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Choose a version of Windows and SQL Server 2005 that will meet your business requirements. Describe some of the differences among the various versions of SQL Server 2005.
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' VB <NonSerialized()> Public total As Decimal // C# [NonSerialized] public decimal total;
Lesson Review
DELETE FROM [Order Details] OUTPUT deleted.* INTO OrderDetailsArchive FROM Orders join [Order Details] ON Orders.OrderID = [Order Details].OrderID WHERE OrderDate < '12-01-1997';
Host Windows Server 2003
Working with SSAS Data Mining
Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, is a robust, multipurpose server capable of providing directory, file, print, application, multimedia, and Web services for small to medium-sized businesses. Its comprehensive feature set is expanded, compared to Windows 2000, with Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine (MSDE), a version of SQL Server that supports five concurrent connections to databases up to 2 GB in size; a free, out-of-the-box Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) service which, combined with the included Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service, allows a server to function as a small, stand-alone mail server; and Network Load Balancing (NLB), a useful tool that was only included with the Advanced Server edition of Windows 2000. The Standard Edition of Windows Server 2003 supports up to 4 GB of RAM and fourway SMP.
Configure the Hub Transport server role. Configure the Edge Transport server role. Configure the Client Access server role.
such as workstations.
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