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Troubleshooting Lab
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A second option for configuring the internal DNS servers to resolve Internet names is to use root hints. The Internet root servers are authoritative for the DNS root domains, so if your DNS server is configured to use the root servers, it will use iterative queries to resolve DNS names on the Internet. By default, when you install DNS on a Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003 that can connect to the Internet, the Internet root servers are automatically added to the root hints list. If you do not configure a forwarder, the DNS server will use the Internet DNS root servers to resolve Internet addresses.
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3. Right-click the Roles node in the tree pane, and select Add Roles. 4. Review the Before You Begin information, and click Next. 5. On the Select Server Roles page, select Active Directory Rights Management Services. The Add Role Wizard will ask you to add the Web Server (IIS) role with the required features, Windows Process Activation Service (WPAS), and Message Queuing. 6. Click Add Required Role Services if these services weren t installed prior to the installation of AD RMS. Click Next. 7. On the Active Directory Rights Management Services page, review the information about the selected role, and then click Next. 8. On the Select Role Services page, ensure that the Active Directory Rights Management Server is selected, and then click Next. 9. On the Create Or Join An AD RMS Cluster page, select Create A New AD RMS Cluster, and then click Next. 10. On the Select Configuration Database page, select the Use A Different Database Server, and then click Next. If you choose to use Windows Internal Database to host the AD RMS databases for a singleserver installation, steps 11 and 12 are not required. However, using WID is valid for test purposes only. 11. Click Select to locate SERVER05, type the server name, click Check Names, and then click OK. 12. In Database Instance, select the Default instance, click Validate, and then click Next. 13. On the Specify Service Account page, click Specify, type ADRMSService and its password, click OK, and then click Next. 14. On the Configure AD RMS Cluster Key Storage page, select Use AD RMS Centrally Managed Key Storage, and then click Next. You choose to protect the AD RMS cluster key by using that database because it simplifies the exercise and does not require additional components; however, normally, you should provide the best protection for this key, through a CSP provider. 15. On the Specify AD RMS Cluster Key Password page, type a strong password, confirm it, and then click Next. 16. On the Select AD RMS Cluster Web Site page, select Default Web Site, and then click Next. 17. On the Specify Cluster Address the page, select Use An SSL-Encrypted Connection (https://). As a security best practice, the AD RMS cluster should be provisioned by using an SSLencrypted connection. 18. In the Internal Address section, type RightsManagement.contoso.com, leave the port number as is, and click Validate. When the validation succeeds, click Next.
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Common Printing Problems, Causes, and Solutions
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You can manually shrink databases and database files by using the DBCC SHRINKDATABASE statement or the DBCC SHRINKFILE statement, respectively. Note that when using the DBCC SHRINKDATABASE statement, you cannot shrink a database to a size that is smaller than its original size. You also cannot shrink a database file smaller than the used portion of the database. For example, unless you use the DBCC SHRINKFILE statement against the individual database files, you cannot shrink a database created with a size of 100 GB to below 100 GB, even if the database contains only 50 MB of data.
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In Solution Explorer, double-click the Sales Reason dimension to open it in the Dimension Designer. Rename the Sales Reason Key attribute to sales reason, and then bind its NameColumn property to the SalesReasonName column. Set the OrderBy property of the Sales Reason attribute to Name. Save your changes, and then close the Dimension Designer. In Solution Explorer, double-click the Sales Territory dimension to open it in the Dimension Designer. Rename the Sales Territory Key attribute to sales territory region because it represents the lowest level of the Sales Territory Group, Sales Territory Country, and Sales Territory Region hierarchy. Bind its NameColumn property to the SalesTerritoryRegion column. Set the OrderBy property to Name. In the Data Source View pane, select the SalesTerritoryCountry and SalesTerritoryGroup columns, and then drag them to the Attributes pane to add them as new attributes. Save your changes, and then close the Dimension Designer. In Solution Explorer, double-click the Product dimension to open it in the Dimension Designer. Rename the Product Key attribute to product and the English Description attribute to Description. Rename the Product Category Key attribute to category, and then bind its NameColumn to the EnglishProductCategoryName column. Change the OrderBy property of the Category attribute to Name. Rename the Product Subcategory Key attribute to subcategory, and then bind its NameColumn to the EnglishProductSubcategoryName column. Change the OrderBy property of the Subcategory attribute to Name.
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Figure 4-8 Add a user to the Debugger Users group to enable common development tasks.
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This diagram shows the DNS design with different namespace
Quick Check Answers
FiGURe 2-4 sys.dm_tran_locks
Case Scenario 2: Querying a Full-Text Index
Building B: 7 (9 with WAN and Internet)
Figure 11-12 You can customize Internet Explorer toolbars to suit any user s needs.
20. 21. 22.
a. Microsoft Application Virtualization can deliver applications to desktop workstations
Namespace MSLearning.5.Standard.ClientHttp Module HttpModule Sub Main() " Create an instance of the HTTP client channel. Dim channel As HttpClientChannel = New HttpClientChannel() " Register the channel with the remoting system.
7. Run the unit test and view the results. The test should pass. You can view the details of the passed test to see how each bound data row behaved. To view test details, doubleclick the test in the Test Results pane of Visual Studio. Figure 13-4 shows an example of the test results.
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