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Subnet Mask, Dotted Decimal Notation CIDR Notation
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1. Launch Visual Studio 2005. 2. Open a solution using File | Open | Project/Solution. 3. Navigate to the 11\Lesson3\<language>\Exercise-Before directory. Select the Lab1 solution and click Open. 4. In the Solution Explorer, double-click serializationDemoForm to show the form in design view. 5. We ll start by setting up the serialization process. Double-click Serialize to create the Click event handler. Add the code to serialize an instance of the Contact object into a file called demo.xml. Once the object has been serialized, use the webBrowser1 control to navigate to the file.
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In the Report Designer, click the Design tab. In the design area, select the data region you want to configure. Right-click the data region, and then select Data Region Properties. In the data region Properties dialog box, click the Filters tab. (Note that there are different names for the data region properties dialog boxes for different data regions, such as the Tablix Properties dialog box for a Tablix data region.)
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The Virus Incidents log or Incidents database (Incidents.mdb) stores all virus detections or filter operations for an Exchange Server 2007 server regardless of the Forefront scan that detected the infection. Forefront Security for Exchange Server collects statistics on a per-storage-group basis for the Manual and Realtime scan jobs. To view the Virus Incidents log, click REPORT in the left navigation shuttle. The REPORT area includes icons for accessing the work panes for Notification, Incidents, and Quarantine. Click the Incidents icon, and the Incidents work pane appears. The information that Forefront Security for Exchange Server reports for
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BE SURE TO log on to Windows as an administrator before beginning this exercise.
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9: Lesson Review Answers
aWriter = XmlWriter.Create(parameter)
SEND ON CONVERSATION conversation_handle [ MESSAGE TYPE message_type_name ] [ ( message_body_expression ) ];
cost 300 cost 700 Site D
svc.TransactionTimeout = 30;
Managing Replication
You will need to list the network ID, subnet mask, default gateway, and additional information such as DNS servers. You also must determine whether DHCP is used and how it is configured for the subnet.
How do you return the value of a CLR UDT as a string All CLR UDTs expose a method called ToString, which you can call to retrieve a string representation of the type.
Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Permission Request Viewer. (C) Microsoft Corp. 1998-2000 Version 1.1.4322.573 Copyright
Creating and Configuring Command Objects
placed in the Location box. A Browse button will also appear, enabling a user to browse the location hierarchy for printers in other locations. This powerful feature simplifies printer administration and setup considerably. However, it obviously requires careful planning on the back end to ensure that all subnets are defined, and that a reasonable, hierarchical location naming convention has been applied consistently. More information about this feature is available in the online Help and Support Center.
Eseutil Mode Defragmentation
After this lesson, you will be able to:
Practice 1: Locate a hardware device that can be installed on a Window Server 2003 system that is already configured. One suggestion might be a second network adapter. Shut down the system and install the card. Restart the sys tem and go through the process of installing the drivers and configuring the card so that it works properly on the network. Practice 2: Use the Device Manager views to view a list of items installed on the system ordered by the resources that they use.
Database Maintenance
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