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Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of this book.
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Page 15-40
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The Reporting function in System Center Operations Manager 2007 is similar to that in MOM 2005 SP1 but with some important enhancements. Unlike MOM, the new tool does not use Data Transformation Services (DTS) to retrieve reporting data from the operations database. Instead, data is inserted directly into the reporting database at the same time it is inserted into the operations database. System Center Operations Manager reports contain new smart parameter headers, providing the flexibility to define and report on specific and relative date and time ranges. The object picker in the smart parameter header provides search facilities, and the flexible date picker eliminates the need to modify report definition files to achieve a specific relative date range in recurring reports. Figure 11-1 shows a typical System Center Operations Manager report. You can click on either the graph or the table in the report to obtain more information.
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Understanding how queries are logically constructed is important to knowing that they correctly return the intended result. Understanding how queries are logically constructed helps you understand what physical constructs (like indexes) help the query execute faster. Make sure you understand your metrics when you measure performance.
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Why This Matters
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Figure 13-34: The WMI Object Browser The left pane of the WMI Object Browser contains the Object Explorer, which shows the object tree for the current namespace (by default, the Root\CIMV2 namespace on the local computer). You can select a different local namespace or a namespace on a remote computer. The Object Explorer shows a hierarchy of the instances that are found in the selected namespace and any instance in the namespace can be selected as the root of the tree. The tree shows regular objects and grouping nodes. Grouping nodes are not objects themselves but instead are used to organize objects. The symbols next to the names indicate the type of object or node. Resting the mouse over an object in the tree displays the object's path, which identifies the object in the namespace. The right pane of WMI Object Browser shows the Object Viewer. You can select the Properties, Methods, or Associations tab for an object. Figure 13-35 displays the Associations tab. The Object Viewer displays the title of the current view above the tabs. For a single object, the title is the object path of the instance currently displayed. For a multiple-object table, the title describes the group of objects currently displayed.
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Troubleshoot Terminal Services
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Lesson Summary
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aReader = XmlReader.Create("myXml.xml")
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Practice: Verifying the Configuration of DNS Forwarding
B. There is no program like this available, but MBSA offers some of these options. C. MBSA offers all of these options and can be used from the administrator s desktop. D. There is no free program available, but several applications can be purchased that will perform these tasks.
Whenever possible, you should ensure that performance or fault tolerance does not degrade if an application needs to fail over to the secondary database. This eliminates any technical reason for needing to fail back to the original primary. If you do not need to fail back to the original primary, you can reverse the direction of log shipping after the failed server is back online. By not having to fail back, you eliminate an additional outage on the application.
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This chapter illustrates using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to debug and deploy a .NET remoting application. You learn how to deploy a .NET remoting application to various hosting environments. You also learn how to debug remoting applications and monitor them by utilizing performance counters. Finally, you will learn about remote object lifetimes and how to manage them.
You can also specify one or more unattended installation parameters and values at the command line. For example, if you don t want the Directory Services Restore Mode password in the answer file, leave the entry blank and specify the /SafeModeAdminPassword:password parameter when you run Dcpromo.exe. You can also include all options on the command line itself. The following example creates the first domain controller in a new forest in which you don t expect to install any Windows Server 2003 domain controllers:
You can encrypt all data files. One of the most common problems in IT today is the loss or theft of mobile computer systems. If data is encrypted, the loss is minor, but if data is unprotected, it could affect your ability to do business. With Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, you can encrypt all user data files automatically through Group Policy objects and enforce the strong passwords required to protect them further. The Encrypting File System (EFS) relies on certificates to lock and unlock encrypted files. You can encrypt all remote communications. Windows Server 2008 includes both IPSec and Secure Sockets Tunnelling Protocol (SSTP) virtual private network connections. Both rely on certificates to authenticate the start and endpoint of the communication. You can secure all e-mail messages. Windows Server 2008 includes support for Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME), the standard e-mail security protocol. Signed messages are protected from tampering and prove they originate from the correct person. You can secure all logons. Using smart cards, you can use certificates to support the logon process and ensure that all users, especially administrators, are who they say they are. You can secure all Web sites. Using Windows Server 2008 and Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, you can secure all communications to your Web sites, ensuring the safety of all your client transactions. You can secure servers to validate their authenticity. For example, when you assign certificates to servers in a Network Access Protection (NAP) infrastructure or in any other secure service, computers in your network will know they are working with your own servers and not with other servers trying to impersonate yours. You can secure all wireless communications. Using Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, you can ensure that all wireless communications originate from trusted endpoints. You can protect all data from tampering. Using Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS), you can rely on Windows Server 2008 to protect from tampering or misuse all the information you generate.
Objective 2.1
Driver Signing and Digital Certificates Digital signatures allow administrators and users who are installing Windows-based software to know whether a legitimate publisher has provided the software package. Administrator privilege is required to install unsigned kernel-mode features such as device drivers. Drivers must be signed by certificates that Windows 7 trusts. Certificates that identify trusted signatories are stored in the Trusted Publishers certificate store. As an administrator, you can authorize the installation of a driver that is unsigned or is not in the Trusted Publisher store. Provided you are installing the driver on a test computer to evaluate it rather than distributing it to a large number of client computers, this is a valid thing to do. Many drivers come from reputable sources (for example, the device manufacturer) but have not yet gone through the validation process that results in a digital signature. Even some Microsoft drivers are unsigned. When you or other administrators are installing drivers, authorization is not typically a problem. However, you might have a driver that you want ordinary users to install. Even if you stage the driver, users cannot install it because only administrators can approve installation of a driver that does not have a valid signature. You can obtain a self-signed certificate that is valid within your organization only from a certificate authority (CA) server running Windows Server and Certificate Services. The certificate is not trusted by other organizations where no trust relationship exists. Even within your organization, Microsoft recommends that you use this procedure only on a test network and that only drivers with valid signatures are installed in the production environment. If you want to sign a device driver so that it can be used by other organizations, you need a certificate issued by a trusted external CA such as VeriSign. This is much more difficult to obtain. To enable non-administrators to install a driver that does not have a trusted signature, you need to sign the device driver package with a digital certificate, and then place that certificate on client computers so that users do not have to determine whether a device driver or its publisher is "trusted." You then need to stage the device driver package in the protected driver store of a client computer (as described previously in this lesson) so that a standard user can install the package without requiring administrator rights. Typically, you would use Group Policy to deploy the certificate to client computers. Group Policy allows you to have the certificate automatically installed to all managed computers in a domain, organizational unit, or site.
Create a computer object in the Desktops OU for the TopDog computer. While creating the account, select the executive s user account for the property, The Following User Or Group Can Join This Computer To A Domain.
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