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3. Begins reading from the next LSN forward in the log until it reaches the oldest open transaction. 4. Writes transactions into the distribution database in MSrepl_commands and MSrepl_transactions, ensuring that all transactions are sequenced in exactly the same order as they were committed on the publisher. 5. Advances the replication watermark in the MSlogreader_history table. 6. Sets the replicated flag in the transaction log for each transaction that was suc cessfully written to distribution. 7. Logs error and history information to the distribution database.
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The icon that Device Manager displays next to each device indicates the device s type. When a device is working normally, a standard icon appears. However, when a spe cific condition exists for a device (such as being disabled), Device Manager overlays the device s icon with a symbol. Device Manager uses the following symbols on device icons to denote particular conditions:
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SELECT [ * | ( <SELECT query axis clause> [ , <SELECT query axis clause> ... ] ) ] FROM <SELECT subcube clause> [ <SELECT slicer axis clause> ]
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Managing and Maintaining Access to Resources (3.0)
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Take a Practice Test . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 408
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1. You are the network administrator of a Windows Server 2003 network that houses a legacy computer program running on a UNIX computer. The computer program requires that all workstations connecting to it be authenticated by verification of the workstation s host name. Users call and complain that they are no longer able to access the program and that they are receiving permission errors. What could be the possible cause of this problem
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The next sample provides the same result set as the previous one, but it also adds a rollup row that produces the summary of both columns:
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A short-term solution is in place that enables the system to be fully recovered from any outage within two business days, with a maximum data loss of one hour. In the event of a major disaster, the business can survive the loss of up to two days of data. A maintenance window between the hours of midnight and 08:00 on Sunday is avail able to make any changes. A longer-term solution needs to be created that will protect the company from hard ware failures, with a maximum outage of less than one minute required.
Practice: Evaluating Security Threats
Michael Hotek Several years ago, after SQL Server 6.5 had been on the market for awhile, I started a project with a new company in the Chicago area. This company had the great idea to help people find apartments in the area that met the customers criteria. One of the employees had read about a programming language called Visual Basic that would enable them to create the type of application they needed to manage the hundreds of apartment complexes in the area. The application was created, tested, and put in production. Four months later, the business was growing rapidly, and the company opened offices in several dozen other cities. This is when the company started having problems. Finding apartments by using the SQL Server database application was taking longer and longer. Many associates were getting so frustrated that they started keeping their own paper-based files. The developer had reviewed all the code and couldn t reproduce the problem. So the company called me to take a look at the SQL Server side of the equation. The first thing I did was ask the developer whether he had reviewed the indexes on the tables in SQL Server. I had my answer to the performance problem when the developer asked what an index was. It took me an hour to get to the customer s office downtown, and the performance problem was solved 15 minutes later with the addition of some key indexes. I spent the rest of the day indexing the other tables so they wouldn t become problems in the future and explaining to the developer what an index was, why it would help, and how to determine what should be indexed.
Lesson 2: Configuring Data Protection
End Class
remote object activation Before a client can create an instance of a remote object,
In this practice, you will create three user objects. You will then modify properties of those objects.
Monitor and maintain disk integrity using CHKDSK Monitor and improve disk performance using Disk Defragmenter Configure and monitor user disk storage using Disk Quotas
Creating the remote installation folder Copying files needed by RIS Copying the Windows XP Professional installation files to the server Configuring the Client Installation Wizard screens that appear during a remote installation Creating an unattended installation answer file
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