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CSV file specifying departments
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Additional I/O Sizing Considerations
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For more information on answer file structure, syntax, and configurable options, see the Deployment User Tools Guide on the Windows XP Professional CD. You can find it in the following location: \Support\Tools\Deploy.cab\Deploy.chm.
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The company you work for is named Contoso Pharmaceuticals. Users complain that every time they create a document in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or another Microsoft Office application, the company name is underlined because it is believed to be mis spelled. Users want this behavior to stop. In addition, users want the entire company name typed automatically each time they type in the first few letters of it. They are tired of typing the words Contoso Pharmaceuticals every time they want to type the com pany name. What should you tell each user in the company to do A. Add the word Contoso to the dictionary. Add Contoso Pharmaceuticals to the AutoText list. B. Add the word Contoso to the AutoText list. Add Contoso Pharmaceuticals to the AutoCorrect list. C. Add both Contoso and Pharmaceuticals to the AutoCorrect list. D. Add both Contoso and Pharmaceuticals to the AutoText list.
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"VB <System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapDocumentMethodAttribute( _ "http://tempuri.org/GetCompanyName", _ RequestNamespace:="http://tempuri.org/", _ ResponseNamespace:="http://tempuri.org/", _ Use:=System.Web.Services.Description.SoapBindingUse.Literal, _ ParameterStyle:= _ System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapParameterStyle.Wrapped)> _ Public Function GetCompanyName(ByVal tickerSymbol As String) As String Dim results() As Object = Me.Invoke("GetCompanyName", _ New Object() {tickerSymbol}) Return CType(results(0),String) End Function //C# [System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapDocumentMethodAttribute( "http://tempuri.org/GetCompanyName", RequestNamespace="http://tempuri.org/", ResponseNamespace="http://tempuri.org/", Use=System.Web.Services.Description.SoapBindingUse.Literal, ParameterStyle= System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapParameterStyle.Wrapped)] public string GetCompanyName(string tickerSymbol) { object[] results = this.Invoke("GetCompanyName", new object[] { tickerSymbol}); return ((string)(results[0])); }
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1. Open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager snap-in from the Administrative Tools group. 2. Right-click the Default Web Site and choose Stop. 3. Right-click the Web Sites node and choose New Web Site. 4. Give the site the description Contoso and the path C:\ContosoCorp. All other default settings are acceptable.
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Lesson 5
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Real World
After this lesson, you will be able to
can right-click any message in the Messages tab and select Properties. This lists the properties of the message, including its identity and its GUID. To filter messages in Queue Viewer, click Create Filter and select a message property from the Message Property drop-down list. Then select a comparison operator from the Comparison Operator drop-down list. If the property has fixed values, you can select a value from the Value drop-down list; otherwise, you can type in a value. If the property requires a date/time expression, edit the current date/time value or click the drop-down list to select a date from the calendar interface. Figure 9-5 shows a filter set to display messages with an SCL greater than or equal to 5. In Figure 9-5, no messages meet that criterion. You might get a different result depending on how you have configured your spam detection settings.
Correct Answers: A, B, C, and D A. Correct: Antivirus software can cause problems when installing the Windows XP Professional operating system because any attempt of the operating system to write to certain sectors of the hard drive might be misinterpreted by the antivirus software as a boot sector virus. B. Correct: Many computers that are running older Windows operating systems do not meet the minimum hardware requirements for an upgrade to Windows XP. Be sure that you have memorized the minimum hardware requirements for memory (64 MB), available disk space (1.5 GB), processor speed (233 MHz), and video dis play adapter (SVGA-compatible). C. Correct: Before conducting an upgrade of an operating system, you should perform a backup of the system in the event there are any problems encountered dur ing the upgrade process. D. Correct: Before performing an upgrade installation, verify that the software programs on the system are compatible with Windows XP. The user might have older programs that are critical for the operations of the organization that might cease to function on the new operating system.
aspect of your job considerably less arduous. It won't do you any harm in your examinations, either!
Perimeter networks provide an additional layer of network security by protecting publicly accessible servers from unauthorized access while also partially isolating these servers from the internal network. The design of a secure network perimeter includes protection for the internal network as well as for servers that must be accessible from the Internet. There are three broad types of network perimeter configurations:
Remove unused applications. Use Add Or Remove Programs in Control Panel to see all the applications installed on the system. Scan for any appli cations that users do not need anymore. (Always check with the user before removing applications, of course.) There may even be applications the user does not know about. Archive old or large documents. If the user has a CD or DVD writer, con sider archiving older documents to disk to free up disk space. If there are especially large documents (such as videos), consider moving those to disk as well. Teach users to use the tools described in 3 to perform routine mainte nance on their hard disks. These tools include Check Disk and Defragmenter. Use Disk Compression to compress documents so that they take up less space.
Standardization A directory service should also provide access to its informa tion through open standards. This ensures that other applications can make use of resources in Active Directory (and publish their own resources there) rather than having to maintain their own directories. Extensible A directory service should also provide a way for administrators and applications to extend the information contained in the directory to meet an orga nization s needs. Separation of physical network A directory service should make the physical network topology transparent to users and administrators. A resource should be identified and accessed without any knowledge required of how or where it is connected to the network. Security A directory service would be very useful to a malicious attacker because it would contain detailed information about the organization. Therefore, a directory service must provide a secure means to store, manage, retrieve, and publish information about network resources.
To play music in Windows Media Player
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