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Create a Database Backup
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In this practice, you will create a workload file and then use that workload file as a source for DTA to analyze for performance improvements. 1. Open SSMS and connect to your SQL Server instance. 2. Open a new query window and change the context to the AdventureWorks database. 3. Open SQL Server Profiler (choose Tools, SQL Server Profiler), connect to your SQL Server instance, and create a new trace. 4. Specify the trace template called Tuning and set Profiler to save the trace to a file. 5. Start the trace. 6. Switch back to your query window and execute several queries against the AdventureWorks database. 7. Stop the trace and close SQL Server Profiler. 8. Close SSMS without saving your queries. 9. Start DTA and connect to your SQL Server instance. 10. If not already created, create a new session. 11. Specify a name for the session. 12. Select the workload file that you just created in SQL Server Profiler. 13. Select the AdventureWorks database for workload analysis. 14. Select the check box next to the AdventureWorks database and leave the default for all of the tables. 15. On the Tuning Options tab, leave all default options.
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D. Correct Answers: C and D A. Incorrect: The Code Analysis tool analyzes static code only. B. Incorrect: You can configure the set of rules you wish to enforce with the Code Analysis tool. C. Correct: When you select Run Code Analysis from Visual Studio, the issues are shown as warnings. D. Correct: When an issue is shown in the Error List, you can right-click the issue and choose Show Error Help to view a possible resolution for the item.
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Lesson 3
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The Performance console (named Performance Monitor on earlier versions of Windows) is used to track resource utilization on a computer. Network Monitor is used to capture and analyze local network traffic.
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Mail-related information
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Watch a webcast about configuring WCF. data matrix generator
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a. New computer B. Upgrade computer c. Refresh computer D. Replace computer
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Corporations define technical support roles in tiers; generally, there are four tiers, as detailed in Table 1-2. Each of these four tiers can also have its own tier structure. The tier position that we are concerned with is tier 1, which is italicized in the table. The employees in the corporate tier-1 group are also categorized in three additional inter nal tiers. The internal tier-1 employees usually provide front-line support and internal tiers 2, 3, and 4 accept escalations. These roles are defined with more detail in the sec tion Telephone Call Centers later in this chapter. Your position in the corporation will be in the tier 1, help desk position.
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BIND DNS servers should be running versions 8.1.2 or later.
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