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Lesson 2: Optimizing Index Strategies
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Hardware and Interference Problems
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Specify the replication server, which can represent the distributor, publisher, subscriber, or all three. Create and edit profiles for certain agents that are used when an agent job is created. Specify a distributor and distribution database. Specify a publisher and publication database. Create and define articles, and then add or remove columns from them. Create a subscription for transactional or merge replication. Define a pull or push subscription. Implement special business logic that handles events during the merge replication process. Set a schedule for a snapshot to be referenced. Monitor the replication process and get information about jobs. Specify an alternate publisher when creating a merge publication.
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Installing a ClickOnce Application on a Client Computer
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Configuring a FOREIGN KEY constraint.
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The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
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Application directory partitions
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Determining a Backup Strategy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-6
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Forest 1 Legend Forest Trust
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Exercise 1: Create a ListCollection
Multiple Forests
Managing Computers Remotely with the MMC
The correct answers are A and D. B is not correct because the Read NTFS permission is more restrictive than the Change shared folder permission. C is not correct because you can use NTFS permissions only on volumes formatted with NTFS, whereas you can use shared folder permissions on volumes formatted with NTFS or FAT.
A Windows Server 2003 site is a group of domain controllers that exist on one or more IP subnets (see Lesson 3 for more on this) and are connected by a fast, reliable network connection. Fast means connections of at least 1Mbps. In other words, a site usually fol lows the boundaries of a local area network (LAN). If different LANs on the network are connected by a wide area network (WAN), you ll likely create one site for each LAN. Sites are primarily used to control replication traffic. Domain controllers within a site are pretty much free to replicate changes to the Active Directory database whenever changes are made. Domain controllers in different sites compress the replication traffic and operate based on a defined schedule, both of which are intended to cut down on network traffic. Sites are not part of the Active Directory namespace. When a user browses the logical namespace, computers and users are grouped into Domains and OUs without reference to sites. Sites contain only two types of objects. The first type is the domain controllers contained in the site. The second type of object is the site links configured to connect the site to other sites. Site Link Within a site, replication happens automatically. For replication to occur between sites, you must establish a link between the sites. There are two components to this link: the actual physical connection between the sites (usually a WAN link) and a site link object. The site link object is created within Active Directory and determines the protocol used for transferring replication traffic (Internet Protocol [IP] or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol [SMTP]). The site link object also governs when replication is scheduled to occur.
In this practice, you will create a new log shipping configuration that uses a monitor server. 1. In SSMS, select the LSTesting database. 2. Right-click the LSTesting database and choose Properties. 3. Select the Transaction Log Shipping page. 4. Select the Enable This As A Primary Database In A Log Shipping Configuration check box. 5. Click Backup Settings. 6. Specify the UNC path for the backup files in the Network Path To Backup Folder text box. Use your computer name and the LSBackup shared folder for example, \\ComputerName\LSBackup.
specified threshold is met or exceeded, the status is displayed as Long-running merge. You can specify different thresholds for dial-up and local area network (LAN) connections.
Lesson 3
User Account Control
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