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Lesson 1: Creating Tables
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1. Correct Answer: B A. Incorrect: The database master key is required only to decrypt data; it does not prevent the database from being accessible. B. Correct: Without the logins, the secondary database cannot be accessed. C. Incorrect: SQL Server Agent jobs are not required to make the secondary database accessible.
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Answers to these questions and explanations of why each choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
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11. Launch the application by pressing F5. 12. At the prompt to enter the number of concurrent calls to run, type 2 and press Enter. After a few moments, similar messages to the first run appear. The difference is that the two threads no longer execute simultaneously but, instead, appear in sequence. Figure 12-2 illustrates the result. 13. Press Enter to terminate the running application.
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Troubleshooting Office Applications
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adds members to the group specified in Group removes members from the group specified in Group
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Objective 4.1: Configure Routing and Remote Access User Authentication 16-11
A 90-day trial version of Visual Studio 2008 Professional is available at http://www.
A trust relationship itself does not grant access to any resources; however, it is likely that by creating a trust relationship, users in the trusted domain will have immediate access to a number of your domain s resources. This is because many resources are secured with ACLs that give permissions to the Authenticated Users group.
Objective 4.4 Identify and Troubleshoot Network Connectivity Problems
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services\ SessionDirectoryActive
1. Open Active Directory Users And Computers.
Description The long-form description of the control as it will be reported to the accessibility aids The name of the control as it will be reported to the accessibility aids The role the control plays within the application
SELECT FirstName, LastName, JobTitle, VacationHours, SickLeaveHours FROM HumanResources.Employee E RIGHT OUTER JOIN Person.Person P ON E.BusinessEntityID = P.BusinessEntityID;
Part 1
1. Open the Backup Utility and click the Backup tab. 2. From the Job menu, load the Finance Backup selections. 3. Configure the Backup Media Or File Name: C:\Backup-Everyday.bkf. 4. Click Start Backup. 5. Click Advanced and configure an Incremental backup type. Click OK. 6. Click Schedule. 7. In the Set Account Information dialog box, type your password and click OK. 8. Name the job Daily Incremental Backup. 9. Click Properties. Configure the job to run daily. Configure the time to be two min utes from the current time so that you can see the results of the job. 10. Complete configuration of the scheduled job. You will be prompted to enter your password again. 11. Close the Backup Utility. 12. Open the C drive in Windows Explorer and wait two minutes. You will see the backup job appear. 13. Open the Backup Utility, choose the Report command from the Tools menu and view the most recent backup log to confirm the status of the backup job. The num ber of files copied may be zero if you have not made changes to any of the files. 14. If the job did not run properly, open Event Viewer from the Administrative Tools folder. Examine the Application Log to identify the cause of the failure.
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