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If you re familiar with .NET programming, this code will look familiar. It s a typical event handler that takes a general object called sender, which refers to the object that the event was raised on, and an object containing the event arguments (that is, the metadata associated with the event).
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On operational systems, values above 5,000 indicate indexes that should be evaluated for creation. When the value passes 10,000, you generally have an index that can provide a significant performance improvement for read operations. This algorithm accounts only for read activity, so you will always want to consider the impact of maintenance operations as well.
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Lesson 3
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Reading and writing files are two of the most common tasks in the world of development. As a .NET developer, you need to know how to read and write files. The .NET Framework makes it easy to perform these tasks.
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8. In the Account Lockout Threshold Properties dialog box, in the Account Will Not
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Understanding the Limitations of Windows XP Home Edition
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Figure 11-44
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If you need additional help installing or uninstalling the practice files, please see Getting Help earlier in this book. Microsoft Product Support Services does not provide support for this book or its CD-ROM.
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At times, you might want to designate a form to stay on top of other forms in the user interface. For example, you might design a form that presented important informa tion about the program s execution that you always want the user to be able to see. You can set a form to always be on top of the user interface by setting the TopMost property to True. When the TopMost property is True, the form will always appear in
Both the .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 provide multiple tools that are used by COM Interop. The .NET tools and their uses are explained in Table 13-1.
Disaster Recovery
Edge Transport server recovery
The root of the word is a good indication of its meaning. In Greek, atamos means indivisible. In transactions, atomic means that all the operations must either succeed as a group or fail (that is, be rolled back) as a group. In the example of the bank account, the indivisible nature of the transaction is that both the credit and the debit must take place.
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Check database consistency
Installing a Hardware Device
Performance statistics
Managed content settings, shown in Figure 6-12, determine how long items are retained before being deleted. A retention period is specified in days. The managed content settings also specify when the retention period starts and the action to take at the end of the retention period. The possible actions that can be taken at the end of the retention period are to move the item to the deleted items folder, move to a managed custom folder, delete and allow recovery, permanently delete, or mark as past retention limit. To set the Managed Content settings, right-click one of the managed default or custom folders and select New Managed Content Settings.
Windows 2003 Windows 2003 DHCP Server Domain Controller
As you can see, the columns only need to be found in the index; their position and whether they are found in the index key or are included columns (discussed in detail in the section entitled Using Included Columns and Reducing Index Depth later in this lesson) does not matter. Of course, both the execution plan and the performance could differ greatly between these indexes; however, they all cover the query. The performance benefit gained by using a covered index is typically great for queries that return a large number of rows (a nonselective query) and smaller for queries that return few rows (a selective query). Remember that a small number of rows is a relative term it could mean 10 for a table with a couple of hundred rows and 1,000 for a table with millions of rows. This section presents a performance comparison of four queries. The table that the queries are executed against has the following schema and is populated with 1,000,000 rows:
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