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handler doesn t prevent all of the Validating events from being raised. ValidateChildren will raise the Validating event on every control even if one of them sets Cancel to True.
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What Are SSL Certificates
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In this example, the error row output is passed to a Derived Column Transformation named Fix Age, and this Derived Column Transformation is sent to a Union All Transformation, which brings the error row output data back together with the successfully converted data from the Data Conversion Transformation.
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<Customer Id="1" AccountNumber="AW00000001" Type="S"> <Orders> <Order Id="43860" OrderDate="2001-08-01T00:00:00" ShipDate="2001-08-08T00:00:00"> <OrderDetail ProductId="761" Quantity="2" /> <OrderDetail ProductId="770" Quantity="1" /> </Order>
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KerberosToken kerbToken = new KerberosToken("host/" +
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There are two components to planning server publishing. The first component is knowing what servers are going to be published and how to configure the publishing rules. The second component is a bigger question: How do you design the network connection to the Internet to ensure security Many organizations deploy servers that are accessible from the Internet in a perimeter network. This limits access between the perimeter network and the internal network. You need to choose a perimeter network configuration as part of the planning process.
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Quick Check
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Parity Data 6 Data 9 Data 12
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428 ChAPTER 10
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5. Press F5 to run the query. 6. Examine the query output. You should see a considerable amount of information about SQL Server events for example, the event class, the username of the account under which the event ran, the server process identifier (SPID), and the name of the application. The EventSubClass and TextData columns often contain useful information.
Dim aReader As New System.IO.StreamReader(OpenFileDialog1.FileName)
How to Configure Advanced Options
Figure 12-6
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Sales.SalesOrderHeader WHERE MONTH(OrderDate) = 5;
They can cascade changes through related tables in the database. They can guard against incorrect INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations and enforce restrictions that are more complicated than those that you can define using CHECK constraints. They can be used to evaluate a table s state before and after data modification and use that evaluation to initiate actions. Multiple triggers of the same type (INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE) applied to a table allow different actions to be performed depending on the content of the statement that fires the trigger.
Me.Region = New Region(aPath)
credentials stored securely in the report server Under this model, a single set of credentials is shared by all the users who are trying to connect to the data repository. Both the user name and the password are encrypted and stored in the Reporting Services catalog. The advantage of this model is that the end users do not have to specify any credentials to access the data repository. These credentials can belong to the internal directory of users of the database, or they can belong to Windows credentials. Windows integrated security This option can be used when the credentials to access the data repository are the same as those that are used to log in to the local computer or to log in to the Active Directory domain. For instance, if you have a SQL Server Sales database running in a SQL Server instance on the same computer as the Report Server and you have the Windows users or groups mapped to SQL Server logins, you can use this option to allow Reporting Services to pass the token that the end user passed to Reporting Services to the SQL Server instance. However, if the data repository is on a different computer, you need to enable Kerberos to allow Reporting Services to pass the end user s token to a different computer. For more information about how to enable Kerberos, see the References section at the end of this book. credentials are not required
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