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After the new instance has been pointed to the shared repository, the next step is to validate the addition by synchronizing the encryption keys. In Reporting Services Configuration Manager, you will need to connect to the original or first instance and then select the Scale-Out Deployment property page, as Figure 13-9 shows. In the Status column, the new server will have a status of Waiting To Join. Select the instance, and then click Add Server. The instance will now be added to the scale-out deployment.
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12. In this practice, you do not need to filter any rows. Click Next. 13. Select the Create A Snapshot Immediately And Keep The Snapshot Available To Initialize Subscriptions check box, as shown in Figure 10-9. Click Next.
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1. Which of the following instance-level objects are required on the secondary to be able to access the database when it is recovered A. Database master key B. Logins C. SQL Server Agent jobs D. DDL triggers
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[Version] Signature=$CHICAGO$ [DefaultInstall] DelReg=Reg.Settings [Reg.Settings] HKCU,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder
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In a file system configuration, small portions of many disk drives are combined together into a storage unit, which is then presented to the operating system as if it were a single disk drive. An example of a file system configuration is shown in Figure 7-7.
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How to Respond to an Event
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User Configure Configuration\Administrative Outlook Templates\Windows Express Components\Internet Explorer User Configure Configuration\Administrative Media Templates\Windows Explorer Bar Components\Internet
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For more information about configuring Terminal Services settings, see MCTS: Configuring Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure, by J.C. Mackin and Anil Desai (Microsoft Press, 2008).
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' VB
1. Why should any deployed assembly be strongly named 2. If you need to create a message queue as part of the installation of an application, which technique is easiest to use 3. As part of the installation process, a script creating a database gets executed. If you wanted to remove the database when the application is uninstalled, would you place the code to execute the script in the Uninstall method in a custom installer class Quick Check Answer 1. Deployed assemblies should be strongly named to allow for side-by-side deployment, version checking on loading, and the ability to ensure that assemblies have not been tampered with. 2. There is a predefined installation component that can be used to create a message queue. This is the easiest option, although you could create a message queue using scripting as well. 3. No. The only way to uninstall those parts of an application installed using a script is to create a script that specifically performs the uninstallation. There is no mechanism to automatically uninstall scripted installation components.
3. When does Windows synchronize offline files by default (Choose all that apply.) A. At logon B. At logoff C. During idle time on the computer D. Only when you initiate synchronization manually
Lesson Summary
Naming Security Principals. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-22
Figure 10-22
5. Build and run your project in Debug mode. Type e-mail addresses in the From and To boxes, and then click the Send button without typing the server name. Notice that the runtime throws an InvalidOperationException. Create a Catch block to catch an InvalidOperationException, and display a message to the user, as the following code demonstrates:
Practice 1 Add geometry and geography data types to a test database. Practice instantiating spatial instances by using a variety of spatial methods.
High Performance operating mode uses a principal and a mirror database, but does not need a witness server. This operating mode provides a warm standby configuration that does not support automatic failure detection or automatic failover. High Performance operating mode does not automatically fail over because transac tions are sent to the mirror asynchronously. Transactions are committed to the prin cipal database and acknowledged to the application. A separate process constantly sends those transactions to the mirror, which introduces latency into the process. This latency prevents a Database Mirroring session from automatically failing over because the process cannot guarantee that the mirror has received all transactions when a failure occurs. Because the transfer is asynchronous, High Performance operating mode does not affect application performance, and you can have greater geographic separation between the principal and mirror. However, this mode increases latency and can lead to greater data loss in the event of a primary database failure.
Source On this tab, you can choose whether to display current activity in real time or show log files that you have saved using a DCS Data On this tab, in the Counters list, select the counter that you want to configure and adjust Color, Width, and Style. Graph By default, Performance Monitor begins overwriting graphed counter values on the left portion of the chart after the specified duration is reached. If you want to record counter values over a long period of time, you likely want to see the chart scroll from right to left. To do this, select the Scroll style. You can also select one of the following chart types by clicking the Change Graph Type button on the toolbar or by pressing Ctrl+G: Line This is the default setting and shows values as lines on the chart. Histogram This shows a bar graph with the current, maximum, minimum, or average counter values displayed. If you have a large number of counters, a histogram is easier to read than a line chart. o Report This lists the current, maximum, minimum, or average counter values in a text report. Appearance If you keep multiple Performance Monitor windows open simultaneously, you can use this tab to change the color of the background or other elements.
Designing a Remote Access Strategy
1. E is correct. Programs that have been installed on another computer can sometimes be installed on a second computer, but activation will fail if licensing restrictions are imposed. 2. C is correct. Running antivirus programs while installing programs can cause these errors. 3. A is correct. Missing or corrupt file errors are usually caused by bad CDs or problematic downloads. 4. B is correct. When an installation hangs or quits, it is generally because of problems with the computer s hardware, especially RAM or processors. 5. D is correct. Many validation code or product ID errors are caused because the user did not type the correct code.
Figure 8-9
Nonunicasts/Interval The number of broadcast and multicast datagrams received during this interval. If this counter has data, your interface might be dealing with background or broadcast traffic. You might have problems on your network that aren t specifically related to this server if this counter is high.
Name Session
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