.net barcode library Lesson 1: Understanding and Installing Active Directory Certificate Services in .NET

Build barcode standards 128 in .NET Lesson 1: Understanding and Installing Active Directory Certificate Services

You are a desktop administrator at an organization with strict desktop security requirements that include software restrictions, the use of Windows Firewall, and the use of standard user accounts for day-to-day activities. A puzzled user in your organization asks you why he cannot install a flatbed scanner on his system. He previously successfully installed other hardware, such as his handheld Windows Mobile device and a digital camera that connect to his Windows XP Professional computer via the USB port. He tells you that he disconnected his personal laser printer; he then connected the scanner to the parallel port, turned it on, and launched the Add Hardware Wizard. He seems to think that Windows XP Professional might have detected the scanner, but he receives a series of error messages and cannot install the Windows XP drivers he just downloaded from the vendor s Web site. What is preventing this user from installing the scanner Choose the correct answer. A. Someone who is a member of the local Administrators group on the computer must be logged on to install hardware devices that are not Plug and Play. B. The scanner is not compatible with Windows XP. C. The parallel cable is damaged. D. There is an interrupt request (IRQ) conflict between the parallel port and another installed hardware device.
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12. Finally, verify the integrity of the new Ntds.dit file. After this is done, you will also perform a semantic database analysis to verify the data within the database. Type the following:
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ret = ws.GetPurchasingTotal(1, "09/01/03", "09/30/03");
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Lesson 2
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Improving Database Application Performance
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Determine which services are needed in your installation of SQL Server 2005. Choose a service account for SQL Server services. Assign service accounts to an appropriate Windows group.
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Figure 13-16
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The Module class can be used to retrieve or search for types contained within a specified module. For assemblies originally written in languages that support the notion of modules (for example, Visual Basic), it also supports GetField, GetFields, GetMethod, and GetMethods methods. In those types of modules, fields and methods can be attached directly to a module. In Lesson 3, you ll learn more about how to use reflection on fields and methods.
Web Services Enhancements 3.0 in Client and Server Applications
You can use the Reporting Services Configuration Manager, shown in Figure 6-16, to configure Reporting Services on SQL Server 2005. You start the Reporting Services Configuration Manager from the Configuration Tools menu of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 programs group.
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Because you have domain controllers running on both Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 servers, your domain cannot be running in Windows Server 2003 mode. Therefore, you must configure the user properties in Active Directory to store the user s password using reversible encryption.
Lesson 1: Building Recursive Queries with CTEs Lesson 2: Implementing Subqueries Lesson 3: Applying Ranking Functions
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Any system that enables multiple users to change data at the same time must implement a set of rules to ensure data consistency. SQL Server implements these rules by using shared and exclusive locks on rows, pages, and tables. When a piece of data is exclusively locked, no other process is allowed to read or modify that data, which inevitably causes blocking to occur as a normal state of operations. When blocks are retained for a significant amount of time, end users will begin to complain of slow performance. So it is critical to monitor the sys.dm_ exec_requests DMV to detect any processes producing excessive blocking. In extreme cases, you might have to terminate the process that is producing the excessive blocking. In addition to blocking, design flaws in applications can produce deadlocks. SQL Server will detect a deadlock and automatically select one process to terminate. Capturing a Locks\Deadlock Graph event in Profiler and using the information captured to make changes to the application is critical to ensure that your databases continue to operate without errors.
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