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To generate log entries, run the DimCustomer.dtsx package in BIDS. After the package completes, switch to SSMS, open a new query, and then execute the following SQL statement to view the new entries in the log table:
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1. Which categories of drivers does Windows Vista allow users without administrator privileges to install 2. What are the three Windows Update Driver Settings Quick Check Answers 1. Drivers signed by the Windows Signing Authority and drivers signed from sources on the trusted publishers list 2. Check Automatically For Drivers Each Time A Device Is Connected, Ask The User Whether To Perform The Check When A New Device Is Connected, and Never Check Windows Update For New Drivers
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Figure 12-8
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To ensure that your application takes advantage of the power offered by partitioning, you should incorporate a good partitioning strategy early in the cube design cycle.
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Evaluating a Unit Testing Strategy
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2. You have just finished an installation of ISA Server 2004. The server s external network card is connected to the Internet and the internal network card is connected to the internal network. You install the Firewall Client software on a client computer and configure it to use the ISA Server computer. You try to connect to the Internet from the client that is running the Firewall Client software. You cannot connect to the Internet but receive an error message from the ISA Server computer. Why are you getting the error message
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the rows from the source are evaluated. for every row, the expressions are evaluated in order, and a row is sent out the first output when the matching expression evaluates to True. Therefore, any single row can go out only one output. With a Multicast Transformation, on the other hand, all rows go out every output.
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CustomersDataGridView.SelectionMode = DataGridViewSelectionMode.CellSelect;
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Creating Tables, Constraints, and User-Defined Types
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USE AdventureWorks; GO
Questions and Answers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-31
SOAP extensions provide a way to add additional functionality to your Web ser vice methods. You create a SOAP extension by using a custom library class that inherits from the System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapExtension class. Four stages are encountered during the serialization and deserialization of a SOAP message: BeforeSerialize, AfterSerialize, BeforeDeserialize, and AfterDeserialize. The SoapMessageState enumeration is used to determine what stage of the pro cessing is occurring, and this stage can be inspected in an overridden ProcessMessage method. You can configure the SOAP extension to associate with a particular Web method by adding a class to your extension that inherits from the Sys tem.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapExtensionAttribute class.
5. You enable packet logging in the properties dialog box of your DNS server. What must you do to be able to view the log contents, properly formatted
What is the name of the files created by Office applications so that documents can be restored in the event of an error or a crash A. AutoSave files
Objective 3.4
For the restricted site, issue a server certificate from your internal Certification Authority to your Web server and then export it and install in on the ISA Server computer. Then install client certificates from your internal CA on your users laptops. For the public site, you should request a server certificate from a commercial CA to install on the ISA Server. Then configure two secure Web publishing rules, one for each Web site. Configure a Web Listener for the Public site to apply to All Users and another Web Listener for the Authenticated site that applies to All Authenticated Users. Configure the Web listener to Require Users to Authenticate and to use certificate authentication.
Additional Condition Alert Action Trigger Threshold/ Number Of Occurrences
After the invitation has been received, a helper can initiate a connection either by double-clicking the invitation file and entering the password set by the host or by starting Windows Remote Assistance, selecting the option to offer help, and loading the invitation file. At this point the helper must wait until the host accepts the incoming connection.
Figure 3-15 SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) service has failed to start.
Although the SecurityContextTokenService class has many members, the primary method used in the context of issuing tokens is the IssueSecurityContextTokenRequest. This method has two overloads that accept a different object as a parameter, either RequestSecurityToken or RequestSecurityTokenResponse. The distinction regarding when to use which parameter is provided in Table 10-2.
Lesson Summary
In most environments, it is not desirable for an end-user to have the ability to install new drivers. However, administrators may not want (nor have the time) to work on each computer individually to configure all devices and their drivers properly. The configuration of driver signing options and the granting of selective privileges to the appropriate users will give the most flexibility for device config uration and installation of drivers. Lessons in this :
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