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1. In the File Server Management console, select the Sessions node. If the node shows any sessions, click the Disconnect All Sessions link from the task list, and then click Yes to confirm. 2. Choose the Run command from the Start menu. Type the UNC to the shared folder \\server01\docs, and then click OK. By using a UNC rather than a physical path, such as c:\docs, you create a network connection to the shared folder, just as a user would. 3. In the File Server Management console, click the Sessions node. Notice you are now listed as maintaining a session with the server. You might need to refresh the console by pressing F5 to see the change. 4. Select the Open Files node. Notice that you are listed as having c:\docs open.
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<QueryResult> <OldestEmployeeByDepartment> <DepartmentID>1</DepartmentID> <EmployeeID>3</EmployeeID> <StartDate>1997-12-12T00:00:00</StartDate> <DepartmentName>Engineering</DepartmentName> <YearsToDate>9</YearsToDate> </OldestEmployeeByDepartment> </QueryResult>
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Configuring and Managing Routing Protocols
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INSERT INTO Sales.SalesReason VALUES ('Item Closeout', 'Other', DEFAULT);
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Active Directory directory service The directory service included in Windows 2000 Server products that identifies all resources on a network and makes them accessible to users and applications. Active Directory schema The structure of the tables and fields and how they are related to one another. In Active Directory, the schema is a collection of data (object classes) that defines how the real data of the directory (the attributes of an object) is organized and stored. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Determines hardware addresses (MAC addresses) that correspond to an Internet Protocol (IP) address. ad-hoc wireless network A wireless network mode in which multiple wireless stations can connect without requiring an access point. administrative share A hidden share that Windows XP Professional creates automatically so that administrators can access resources on a computer. ADSL See asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL).
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For more information about and examples of the UPDATE statement, search for UPDATE (TransactSQL) in Books Online or access url=/library/en-us/tsqlref/ ts_ua-uz_82n9.asp.
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<customSecurityAssertion />
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Lesson 5: Performing Transactions by Using the Transaction Object
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Opening a connected Query Editor
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In these zone files, resource records have the following syntax:
The first requirement involves modifying password and account lockout settings. 1. What should be modified to achieve Requirement 1 a. The domain controller security template Hisecdc.inf b. The Default Domain policy c. The Default Domain Controller policy d. The domain controller security template Ssetup Security.inf
Select the Use An Existing Table option to create a dimension from an existing table. Because analyzing data by time is a common requirement, the wizard provides two options to help you construct a time dimension. The Generate A Time Table In The Data Source option lets you generate a designated time dimension table in the data source and then populate the table with a range of dates. SSAS also supports autogenerating a server-based time dimension (the Generate A Time Table On The Server option). This option can be useful when the fact tables include columns of the DateTime date type and resolving these columns to a designated time table is not an option. Select the Generate A Non-Time Table In The Data Source option to create the dimension from the top down by designing the dimension definition first and then autogenerating a dimension table schema in the data source. Optionally, you can autogenerate the dimension from a dimension template.
Lesson 4: Minimizing Cross-Site Scripting
rize your users. If you do use SQL authorization, you will need to utilize Web services security using Web Services Enhancements (WSE). You will also need to modify the Transact-SQL statement used to create your endpoint. If you decide to use SQL authentication, you will need to set an option in the FOR clause that specifies that the logon type will be mixed. The following is an example of a CREATE ENDPOINT statement that uses SQL authorization.
Lesson 1 Review
You can use the Performance Logs and Alerts tool in Exchange Server Performance Monitor to alert you if the number of messages queued for submission reaches 100. As previously stated, the actual value you set for this alert depends on a number of factors, and the figure of 100 is for the purpose of demonstration only. To set an alert, you expand Performance Logs And Alerts in the Exchange Server Performance Monitor Console Root, right-click Alerts, and select New Alert Settings. You give the alert a name, for example, Submission Queue, and click OK. You then click Add on the General tab. In the Add Counters dialog box, you select the MSExchangeIS Mailbox Performance Object, select All Instances, and then select the Messages Queued For Submission counter. Clicking Add adds this counter. You then specify Over in the Alert When The Value Is box and 100 in the Limit box. You need to set a limit for each instance of the counter, and you can optionally set different limits for each instance. You can also specify how often you want the counter to be scanned. Figure 9-11 shows these settings. If you want to, you can specify a user account under which the alert should run (by default, it runs under the logged-on account) and supply a password.
Troubleshooting Office Applications
The following questions are intended to reinforce key information presented in this lesson. The questions are also available on the companion CD if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
//C# SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("Select * from Person.Contact", conn); IAsyncResult result = cmd.BeginExecuteReader; while (! result.IsCompleted) { //Perform additional processing } cmd.EndExecuteReader(result); 'VB Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("Select * from", conn) Dim result As IAsyncResult = cmd.BeginExecuteReader While Not result.IsCompleted 'Perform additional processing End While cmd.EndExecuteReader(result)
Figure 11-12 Showing messages in a queue.
The administrator determines how frequently log backups are taken, the rate at which they are copied to secondary servers, and the frequency at which they are applied to the secondary database. It is possible to copy and restore each transaction log backup on a secondary server moments after it is created. This approach reduces the amount of time required to bring a secondary server online. Another approach is to delay applying transaction log backups to the secondary database so that catastrophic actions on the primary database, such as a critical table being dropped, are not carried over to secondary servers.
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