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In this lesson, you will learn what groups are and how you can use them to simplify user account administration. You will also learn about built-in groups, which have a predetermined set of user rights and group membership, and about special groups, which you cannot add members to yourself but for which Windows creates memberships dynamically. Windows XP Professional has two categories of built-in groups, local and system, which it creates for you to simplify the process of assigning rights and permissions for commonly used functions.
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Touch Me Now: An Introduction to Multitouch Programming
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Configure IEEE 802.1x authentication.
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How to Configure HTTP Web Filter Signatures
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certification Mode Study Mode Creates an untimed test in which you can review the correct answers and the explanations after you answer each question. custom Mode Gives you full control over the test options so that you can customize them as you like.
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Lesson 2: Designing Transactions and Optimizing Locking
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<formatter ref="soap" typeFilterLevel="Full"/>
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User Tasks
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disk source rather than from the Disk Quota Source.
Case Scenario
laser printer device. Set the priority of this printer to 99. Create a security group and add the accounts of the 15 legal secretaries who do not work for senior part ners to this security group. Only give this group permission to print to the Snrprtnr shared printer. Ensure that the original shared printer retains the default printing priority of 1. Configure the workstations of the five legal secretaries who work for senior partners to print to the Snrprtnr shared printer rather than the original shared printer.
To create a FOREIGN KEY constraint, perform the following steps: 1. Open SSMS, and connect to the database instance that hosts the table that has the column to which you want to apply the FOREIGN KEY constraint. 2. Expand the Databases folder to locate the database that hosts the table that has the column to which you want to apply the FOREIGN KEY constraint. 3. Expand the appropriate database, and locate the table that has the column to which you want to apply the FOREIGN KEY constraint. 4. Right-click the table and choose Modify. 5. From the Table Designer menu, choose Relationships. 6. In the Foreign-Key Relationships dialog box, click Add. 7. Click Tables And Columns Specification in the grid to the right, and then click the ellipses (...) to the right of the property. 8. In the Tables And Columns dialog box, in the Primary Key Table drop-down list, select the table that will be on the primary or unique key side of the relationship.
figURE 12-13 Windows Time configuration settings, displayed by W32tm.exe
You want to configure your ISA Server 2004 computer to publish automatic discovery information for clients on the internal network. Which of the following methods can you use to do this (Choose the correct answer.) A. Edit the properties of the internal network. On the Auto Discovery tab, check the Publish Automatic Discovery Information check box. B. Open the Firewall Client. Select Automatically Detect ISA Server. C. Edit the Common.ini file. Set Autodetection=1. D. Edit the Common.ini file. Set Autodetection=0.
See Also For more information about answer file structure, syntax, and configurable options, see the Deployment User Tools Guide on the Windows XP Professional CD. You can find it in \Support\Tools\\Deploy.chm.
Figure 5-19 Use Computer Management to modify the properties of a shared folder.
Publishing a ClickOnce Application
For each server role, create a baseline using the counters within each object appropriate for the role, and periodically examine each of the servers for significant changes.
<wellKnown mode="Singleton"
You can destroy a Thread object by calling the Thread.Abort method. This method causes the thread that it is called on to cease its current operation and raise a ThreadAbortException. If there is a Catch block that is capable of handling the exception it will execute along with any Finally blocks. The thread is then destroyed and cannot be restarted.
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