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SSAS properties include nine Boolean properties that control whether a specific data mining algorithm is enabled or disabled. These properties are listed here:
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Figure 10-32 Send connector information
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D. Correct: Using the Use Policy Accelerators policy limits accelerators to those deployed
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Lesson 1: Troubleshooting Physical Server Performance
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DNS host name overflow A DNS host name overflow occurs when a DNS response for a host name exceeds a certain fixed length (255 bytes). Applications that do not check the length of the host names may overflow internal buffers on the server when copying this host name, allowing a remote attacker to execute arbitrary commands on a targeted computer. This filter inspects the response that an internal client receives from an external DNS server. DNS length overflow DNS responses for IP addresses contain a length field, which should be 4 bytes. By formatting a DNS response with a larger value, some applications executing DNS lookups will overflow internal buffers, potentially
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Executing a distributed query
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C. Correct: Dsquery can pipe output to the Dsmod command, which can then mod
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Power Users
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Uninstall\ NoAddFromCDorFloppy
Lesson 1
Mouse devices and keyboards are generally Plug and Play devices and are recog nized when they are connected to the computer or, at the least, when Windows starts up. In some cases, though, you must install a mouse or keyboard using the Add Hardware Wizard. Mouse devices typically connect to computers through a mouse (PS/2) port, serial port, or USB port on the computer or on the keyboard. Keyboards connect using a keyboard or USB port. USB is an external serial bus developed to provide a fast, flexible method of attaching up to 127 peripheral devices to a computer. USB provides a connection format designed to replace the computer s traditional serial port and parallel port connections. FireWire ports (often called IEEE 1394 ports) can transfer data at a rate of 400 or 800 Mbps.
Persisting Application Settings Between Sessions
Create a URL Set for the specific Web site and create an access rule to deny this URL Set to the All Users group.
Lesson 4
Write authorization code.
Exercise 5: Configure Automatic Updates
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