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a. Incorrect: The UserID command specifies the account that the wizard uses to access the
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Group Policy Infrastructure
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In these practices, you will perform WPA, either over the Internet or by using the telephone. Once you have completed activation, you will pass through the WGA process. Practice 1: Performing Windows Product Activation over the Internet To perform this practice, your Windows Vista computer must have an active Internet connection. Verify that the connection is working by navigating to using Internet Explorer. If your Windows Vista computer does not have a connection to the Internet, you must perform Practice 2 instead of Practice 1. To perform Practice 1, follow these steps: 1. Click the Start menu, and then click Control Panel. 2. Double-click System. 3. In the Windows Activation section, click Change Product Key. 4. Click Continue in the User Account Control dialog box. 5. In the Change Your Product Key For Activation dialog box, shown in Figure 3-24, enter your Windows Vista product key, and click Next.
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Monitoring client sessions using ISA Server Management Console
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Lesson 1: Modifying Data by Using INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE Statements
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You must discuss the problem with people inside your organization and at Proseware, Inc., and then tell your boss how you can help prevent the problem in the future.
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Lesson Review
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This event indicates that the log file grew automatically. It is not triggered if the log file is grown explicitly through ALTER DATABASE.
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Your family has two children aged five and nine. You have installed a computer running Windows Vista Home Premium in your living room and connected it to your large widescreen TV. TV tuning, DVDs, and TV recording are all displayed through Windows Media Center. 1. The five-year-old child has a favorite cartoon that you have configured Windows Media Center to regularly record. Unfortunately, the cartoon sometimes starts a few minutes earlier than the scheduled time. How can you ensure that the cartoon is recorded in its entirety each week 2. You have added a removable hard disk drive to store digital media for Media Center. How can you ensure that the media stored here is available to Media Center users 3. How can you ensure that the nine-year-old child is unable to play violent DVDs
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Installing Windows XP Professional
DNS server cache
The syntax of the Reg.exe command line is straightforward: reg command options. Command is one of the many commands that Reg.exe supports, including ADD, QUERY, and DELETE. Options is the options that the command requires. Options usually include the name of a key, and sometimes a value's name and data. If any key or value name contains spaces, you must enclose the name in quotation marks. It gets more complicated for each of the different commands you can use with it, however, and I cover each of those in the sections following this one. If you're without this book and need a quick refresh, just type reg / at the MS DOS command prompt to see a list of commands that Regexe supports.
For this to happen, you need to stop Windows Vista from automatically rebooting. Dumping all memory also allows you to more thoroughly debug what is going on, although examining Windows memory dump files is beyond the scope of the 70-620 exam. To configure the Windows Vista system failure settings, perform the following steps: 1. In the Start menu, click Control Panel. If the Device Manager icon is not displayed, click Classic View in the left side taskbar. 2. Double-click System. 3. Under Tasks, click Advanced System Settings. Click Continue to close the User Account Control dialog box. 4. Click the Advanced tab, and then click the Settings button in the Startup And Recovery section. 5. Clear the Automatically Restart check box. 6. From the Write Debugging Information drop-down list, select Complete Memory Dump. 7. Click OK twice to close the Startup And Recovery dialog box and the System Properties dialog box.
The compression stream classes (GZipStream and DeflateStream) can be used to compress or decompress any data up to 4 GB. The compression stream classes are used to wrap another stream into which the compressed data will be stored.
You need the ICustomDestinationList interface if you re working from native code. After beginning a list-building transaction (with BeginList), you can use the AddUserTasks method to add a collection of tasks usually represented by an IObjectCollection containing IShellLink objects. As you might remember, the task list can contain separators that group related tasks. To add a separator, create an IShellLink object and use the IPropertyStore interface to set its System.AppUserModel.IsDestListSeparator property to TRUE. This object can then be added to the Jump List along with the rest of the tasks. The managed equivalent for adding user tasks is the JumpList.AddUserTasks method, which accepts JumpListLink, JumpListItem, and JumpListSeparator objects and adds them to the
Quick Check
12. At this point the application can be built and launched using the F5 key. When the form appears, click Get Sources. Notice that there is a list of event log sources. Once you have drunk in the beauty of the list, stop the application. 13. Launch the Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt. The default steps to do this are Start | All Programs | Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 | Visual Studio Tools | Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt. 14. In the command window, navigate to the directory containing the DisplayEventLogSource executable, namely 14\Lesson1\<language>\Exercise1-Before\DisplayEventLogSources\bin\Debug. 15. Execute the command to install the application.
After this lesson, you will be able to:
TipAn alternative to hiding the Outlook Express icon is making Outlook Express a newsreader client only. Add the option /outnews to the target of each icon (put this commandline option outside of the quotation marks). When users choose the shortcut, Outlook Express opens with all its news client features working, but its mail client features don't work. This is useful in scenarios when you must provide newsgroup access to users, like developers, who usually require access to Microsoft and developer newsgroups. To easily deploy this customized Outlook Express shortcut, add it to the default user profile. Alternatively, because this hack 299
A conversation that occurs between a single endpoint and any number of target endpoints. This conversation type is not currently available in SQL Server 2005.
"FirstName: {0} LastName: {1}", FirstNameValue, LastNameValue)
User and Data Security
If you want to transfer music files and other digital media files to your mobile device, WMDC can connect to Windows Media Player to synchronize these files. All media synchronization settings are set in Windows Media Player. To connect to Windows Media Player, first connect your device to the computer. WMDC starts automatically, and you click Pictures, Music, And Video, as shown in Figure 13-22. This opens the Windows Media Player. You can then click Add Media To Your Device From Windows Media Player and select the files to synchronize.
The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate a technique that can be used to implement log levels in a Windows application. Exercise: Log Levels in a Windows Application As has already been discussed, the technique to allow log levels to be modified in a running application is a little different for Windows applications. In this lab an easily implemented technique that allows for configuration files to be reloaded is demonstrated. The starting point is a simple Windows Forms application with a button that displays the log level as retrieved from the config file. With the initial implementation, changing the App.config file will not affect the displayed value. In other words, successive button clicks display the same log level even after it has been changed and saved. Feel free to prove this for yourself before getting started. 1. Launch Visual Studio 2005. 2. Open a solution using File | Open | Project/Solution.
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