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Overview of Active Directory
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Make sure that you understand how to delete temporary Internet files by using Disk Cleanup and from within Internet Explorer. Experiment with the various settings that gov ern temporary files to make sure that you understand their use.
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Reading Sensor Data Using Managed Code
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1. You have been given the requirement, users in the system should be able to scroll through long lists of data without pause in the application to retrieve more data from the database. This is an example of what type of requirement A. Business requirement B. Quality of service requirement C. User requirement D. Functional requirement 2. Requirements are essential for which of the following (Choose all that apply.) A. Verifying the implemented application as acceptable. B. Defining the steps a user will take to accomplish a given task. C. Defining a common understanding of scope among the business, the users, and the project team. D. Determining the technologies that should be used for the application. 3. Given the following requirements, which client technology would you recommend
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Next, consider the same method, implemented using SQL parameters:
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Table of Contents
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B is correct. The NLB feature provides fault tolerance in case of server failure. A is incorrect because Enterprise policies allow you to use common configuration rules for all arrays. C is incorrect because arrays have common configuration but are not fault tolerant. D is incorrect because the Configuration Storage server holds the array configuration properties but does not provide fault tolerance.
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Sydney, Australia
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=Code.MyCustomColor.GetStockColorInstance(Fields!StockLevel.Value, Fields!SafetyStockLevel.Value)
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Troubleshoot system startup and user logon problems
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5. Click the Advanced button. The Security tab shows a very high-level overview of the security principals that have been given permissions to the object, but in the case of Active Directory ACLs, the Security tab is rarely detailed enough to provide the information you need to interpret or manage the ACL. You should always click Advanced to open the Advanced Security Settings dialog box.
Replace <dirpath> with the directory in which you want to place the backup file, for example: m:\ program files\microsoft sql server\mssql.1\mssql\backup\adventureworks\fullbackup\20060201\ adventureworks.bak.
1. A user who is experiencing technical difficulties sends out an invitation to a helper at 1:30 P.M. The helper is busy assisting other users and is not able to open the invitation until 2:15 P.M. The invitations on the host computer are configured to remain open only for 25 minutes. Under what circumstances can the helper connect 2. Which of the following, host or helper, is able to adjust the bandwidth configuration of the connection Quick Check Answers 1. As long as the user who has sent the invitation manually keeps the invitation open, the helper will be able to connect even after the invitation period has expired. 2. Host. The helper cannot adjust the bandwidth configuration of the connection.
Network Infrastructure
Figure 7-3
In the following case scenario, you will apply what you ve learned about designing the physical database. You can find answers to these questions in the Answers section at the end of this book.
Windows XP provides many different methods to access shared printers, including the following:
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