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Figure 2-2
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Answer the following questions to provide your solution to the Fourth Coffee manage ment team. 1. How do you recommend Fourth Coffee enable the customer to communicate with your Web application Why 2. What technique will you recommend Fourth Coffee use to ensure an attacker does not connect to your Web service Why 3. How will you ensure an attacker does not capture and analyze the traffic going to and from your Web service Why did you recommend that technique 4. Can the new application use the COM object to communicate with the database If so, what are the drawbacks
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Users have access to the applications they need to do their jobs, no matter which computer they log on to. Computers have the required applications, without intervention from a technical support representative. Applications can be updated, maintained, or removed to meet the needs of the organization.
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callbackTimeouts Element The callbackTimeouts element also relates only to those scenarios in which the client application implements a method by which the service calls back into the client. This element has a single attribute, named transactionTimeout. This is a TimeSpan value that indicates how long any transaction will be allowed to run without completing or aborting. It is intended to override the transaction timeout value currently set on the service. clientVia Element The clientVia element facilitates the debugging of messages sent between the client and the service, using a third-party tool. Under normal circumstances, the client sends the message directly to the service. To ensure that the message stream is not being attacked by a malicious user, the service validates the requesting address and port within the message with the actual address and port from which the request was sent. However, many third-party debugging tools work by placing themselves as an intermediary between the client and the service. The client, instead of sending the request to the service, sends it to the third-party tool. The third-party tool logs it, displays it, and performs any other desired tasks on the message and then sends it to the final destination. However, (depending on the third-party tool), the service could perceive that the request has come from a different sender. As a result, the service would reject the incoming message. To avoid this, it would use the viaUri attribute in the clientVia element. The viaUri attribute is set to the third-party tool s destination URI. The address for the service is left the same. Now WCF sends the message to the destination specified in the viaUri attribute but leaves the original destination address as being the service s address. This enables the service to accept the message while still giving the third-party tool the chance to process the request. dataContractSerializer Element The dataContractSerializer element controls some of the serialization that constructs the request (or deconstructs the response). This element supports two attributes. The MaxItemsInObjectGraph parameter is relatively straightforward. When an object is serialized, the properties in the object are included in that serialization. If those properties are complex objects, they themselves need to be serialized. For a complex object tree, the number of items that are serialized could become quite large. The purpose of this attribute is to specify the maximum number of objects that will be serialized. The second attribute is called IgnoreExtensionDataObject. This is a Boolean value that is applied when the class to which the DataContract attribute has been applied also implements the IExtensibleDataObject interface. The IExtensibleDataObject interface enables newer versions of the class to be deserialized by older versions of the class. More specifically, it provides a place for the new data to be stored in the old versions. If the IgnoreExtensionDataObject attribute is set to True, data added in new versions of the class are just ignored and not deserialized into the object. synchronousReceive Element The default for when WCF receives a request is to process it asynchronously. When a message is received, the main WCF thread will accept the request
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2. To monitor potential dictionary attacks against user passwords in your enterprise, what is the single best auditing policy to configure, and what log or logs will you evaluate
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Case Scenario: Planning for High Availability
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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) A service that assigns TCP/IP addresses automatically to clients on a network. DHCP servers provide this service. dynamic-link library (DLL) DLL files, which are shared among multiple compo nents of a computer and its applications, are used to run operating system com ponents and applications. Missing DLL files cause multiple problems and usually generate an error message. e-commerce Conducting business on the Internet. E-commerce allows business-tobusiness transactions and business-to-consumer transactions. In general end-user terms, it allows users to visit a website and purchase goods. encryption A process for converting plaintext to code for the purpose of security. Encrypted files use scrambled data that makes the file unreadable to everyone except the person who created it. Secure websites use encryption to secure transactions. Ethernet A type of cable that physically connects a computer to a network hub. This connection allows the computer and user to access network resources in a LAN. Fast User Switching A feature of Windows XP Home and Professional Editions, available for users who are not members of domains, which makes it possible for users to switch quickly between user accounts without having to actually log off and on, or reboot the computer. Running programs do not need to be closed before switching users. FAT See file allocation table (FAT).
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Caution Do not try to reproduce any problem that has previously caused loss of data or is a known network problem, such as a virus or worm. Doing so can cause additional problems and further damage.
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load a file that is corrupted the system may
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Estimated lesson time: 45 minutes
Forefront Security for Exchange Server 2007 user guide
object. Possible options are
Supporting Windows XP File and Folder Access
Lesson 3: How to Manage the Lifetime of Remote Objects
Size 55 GB 15 GB 50 MB 300 MB 25 GB 12 GB
1. Your database has become damaged. Which of the following can be used to determine which backups can be used to restore the database (Choose all that apply.) A. SQL Server error log B. msdb.dbo.sysbackuphistory table C. msdb.dbo.backupset table D. Windows Application Event Log 2. The patient claims database at Contoso Limited contains a very sophisticated structure. The database contains six filegroups: PRIMARY, FG1, FG2, FG3, FG4, and FG5. FG4 and FG5 contain the claims table, which is partitioned. Active claims are in FG4, and inactive claims are in FG5. Full database backups are performed once per week on Sunday, with differential backups occurring every 12 hours and transaction log backups running every five minutes. Because of the highly volatile nature of the active claims data, FG4 has a filegroup backup run against it once per day, with filegroup differential backups every hour. Claims are only moved from an active to an inactive state during a maintenance routine that occurs at midnight on Saturday. On Thursday afternoon, a portion of the claims table containing the inactive claims becomes damaged and needs to be restored. Which backups will accomplish this (Choose all that apply.) A. Filegroup backup B. Full backup C. Transaction log backups D. Filegroup differential backup
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