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Mobile PCs vs. mobile devices
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Table 12-1 summarizes the data on a mailbox server and how you back it up. You carry out an online streaming backup of Exchange database files and transaction log files in the practice session later in this lesson.
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Lesson 2 of 12 explained how to recover mailbox databases and mailboxes. This section concentrates on recovering the actual mailbox server itself should you lose it, not just the mailbox databases or mailboxes themselves. Recovering clustered mailbox servers is covered in Lesson 2 later in this chapter. To recover the mailbox server that hosts the mailboxes, you should go through the process outlined at the start of this lesson, using setup with the /m:RecoverServer option to extract the original mailbox server s configuration data from Active Directory. Out of all the Exchange Server roles, mailbox servers are most sensitive to requiring the volume configuration of the replacement server to be exactly the same as that of the server that originally failed. Remember to document the precise configuration of the server s storage devices and volumes. If this configuration is not precisely reproduced, you are likely to encounter problems when attempting to restore mailbox and storage group data using the procedures outlined in Lesson 2 of 12. Recovering a clustered mailbox server is a more complicated process than recovering a mailbox server that does not use cluster continuous replication or a single copy cluster configuration. The first step to perform in recovering a clustered mailbox server is
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A. Param( [string] $Identity ) Move-Mailbox -Identity $Identity TargetDatabase First Storage Group\First Glasgow Mailbox Database -SourceMailboxCleanupOptions DeleteSourceMailbox Move-Mailbox -Identity $Identity TargetDatabase First Storage Group\ First Glasgow Mailbox Database -SourceMailboxCleanupOptions DeleteSourceMailbox Param( [string] $Identity ) Move-Mailbox -Identity $Identity TargetDatabase First Storage Group\ First Glasgow Mailbox Database -SourceMailboxCleanupOptions DeleteSourceMailbox Param( [string] $Identity ) Move-Mailbox -Identity $Identity TargetDatabase First Storage Group\ First Glasgow Mailbox Database
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Planning and Installing ISA Server 2004 (1.0)
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ws2.VendorHeaderValue = wsHeader;
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Mike Snell The release-to-testing milestone is more than just a date on a calendar at least it should be. I have worked on a few projects where developers frantically wrapped up their code and made sure it compiled in order to get it to the test team by a target date. This typically made the project manager and some of the stakeholders happy. They were able to convince themselves that things were on time and okay. This happiness, however, was often short-lived. The code got stuck in a seemingly endless testing cycle. Testers went back and forth with the developer. Each time, the developer added more and more code to the features under the guise of bug-fixing. The testing cycle stretched on and on and pressure was applied to get the code fixed and released. This process turned out to be more costly in terms of time and money than having the developer simply finish the code and ensure its quality before it was released to the test team. This was because the process interrupted the standard coding process that a developer would follow and instead interjected testers, users, build managers, releases, and more into the developer s coding process. It was a very frustrating experience for all involved; it wasted a lot of time and a lot of money. In more recent years, we have tried to root out this problem. The way to do this is through tools like the unit testing framework, code coverage analysis, and the static code analyzer. Code reviews have also helped; it is one thing to get the status from a developer and another to actually verify this status. We no longer allow developers to code in a vacuum (or provide simple percent-complete status). Instead, they must periodically demo their code (typically weekly) in order to demonstrate status. This has helped create a culture of honest assessment of progress and quality. The result has allowed us to save money and reduce risks on our projects.
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D is correct. In a NAT relationship, the address of the external interface of the ISA Server computer should be returned to the client. A is incorrect because Internet clients cannot access the internal interface, and C is incorrect because the internal DNS would return the wrong address. B is incorrect because the client cannot directly access the address of the Web site. code to generate barcode 128
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Case Scenarios
This attribute is used within code that s wrapped in a DebuggerNonUserCodeAttribute section. Once this attribute is encountered, the debugger will stop in code decorated with this attribute and, when the next section of user code is encountered, will resume the behavior specified by the DebuggerNonUserCodeAttribute. You would use this attribute when something created by the designer contains one or more properties or methods of interest to you. It allows you to see the relevant portion of the code without having to view everything else.
In this exercise, you will create a system-level role. Then you will assign a Windows group to the role and define the Windows Users group as a member of the system-level role System All Users.
' VB <PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, _ Name:="CONTOSO\Administrator")> _ <PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, _ Name:="CONTOSO\User1", Role:="CONTOSO\Managers")> _ <PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Authenticated:=True)> _ Private Sub AdministratorsOnlyMethod () ' Code that can only be run by CONTOSO\Administrator End Sub // C# [PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Name = @"CONTOSO\Administrator")] [PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Name = @"CONTOSO\User1", Role = @"CONTOSO\Managers")] [PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, Authenticated = true)] static void AdministratorsOnlyMethod() { // Code that can only be run by CONTOSO\Administrator }
Objective 4.3
If the DNS configuration is correct, and the client computer can connect to the ISA Server computer, the next step is to check the access rule configuration on ISA Server. By default, all access to the Internet is blocked by ISA Server, so you must enable access before the client computers can connect.
Although we have already covered some of the peripherals that can be connected to your mobile PC using the different ports and sockets, more devices are available. Below is a table of some of the most common devices and how they how they are usually connected.
All identifiers in Service Broker use a binary collation and are, therefore, case sensitive, regardless of the collation settings in a particular database or instance.
letter of the CD-ROM or network drive that holds the Windows XP installation files. After installation, you can start the Recovery Console by choosing it from the list of installed operating systems you do not need to have the installation CD.
Implementing RAID
Enabling resource failure auditing
In this chapter, you will consider what your restore requirements are and therefore what you need to back up. A backup job backs up several files (sometimes quite a lot of files) in a single operation, and you will learn how to create and amend backup jobs and how to monitor your backups and test their validity. You will look at the use of the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), which lets you quickly restore from a backup that was taken by using a hardware-based snapshot. The chapter also looks at recovering messages, recovering and reconnecting mailboxes and recovering databases, and methods of repairing a database if recovery is not possible.
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
Limits the amount of time the RECEIVE command will wait for a new message when the WAITFOR option is also specified. The default wait time of -1 specifies that the RECEIVE command waits an unlimited amount of time for a new message to be received.
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