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Case Scenarios In the following case scenarios, you apply what you've learned about deploying system images. You can find answers to these questions in the "Answers" section at the end of this book. Case Scenario 1: Deploying an Image with More than One Language Pack Don Hall, a systems administrator at Litware, Inc., has created a primary deployment image for Litware's client computers running Windows 7. He discovers that he needs to apply an update, add a new driver, change settings, and support multiple languages. He wants to make these changes without deploying the image and recapturing it. He also knows that if he services the image offline, he is not required to run the Sysprep tool and therefore does not need to use a rearm. Litware is a relatively small organization with two locations. However, these two locations are in different countries. Don has created a single master image so that he does not have to maintain several variations. This image contains both the language packs that Litware requires. Don needs to apply updates to the single image and ensure that all the updates are applied to each language in the image. Before he deploys the image, he uses offline servicing to remove the unnecessary language pack. He needs to service only Litware's WIN image. There is no requirement to service a Windows PE image. Don intends to use the DISM tool to mount and service the offline image and then unmount the image and commit his changes. He also wants to use DISM to create a report about the state of the drivers, applications, language settings, and packages that are installed.
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Designing a Remote Access Strategy
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For this next set, you will be sorting the data from the sources on the business key. First, drag two Sort Transformations from the Data Flow toolbox onto the Data Flow design surface, and then connect the output arrow for the Customer Source adapter to the first Sort Transformation and the Customer Dim to the second Sort Transformation, as Figure 1-30 shows.
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A. Incorrect: The LAN uses private addresses, not public addresses. B. Incorrect: Whether they get their addresses from DHCP or from the NAT DHCP
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Case Scenario 2: Diagnosing Database Hardware Errors
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Figure 11-14
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SELECT * FROM AWNewNoticeQueue;
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Almost all computers come with a serial port. Serial ports were, at one time, the pri
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Objective 2.1 Answers 1.
FiGURe 2-1 Results of running the OUTPUT $action clause
The DelimitedListTraceListener Class
2. You must restrict access to a method that is called by a Windows event based on a user s group memberships. If the user lacks sufficient access, you want to log an event and display a message to the user. You want to use the most secure method possible. Which technique will you use Choose the correct answer. a. WindowsPrincipal.IsInRole b. Imperative RBS demands c. Declarative RBS demands
Alternate (Edge) Cases
Lesson 3: Using Data Flow Adapters and Transformations
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
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// S1 = Single-call; S2 = Singleton; C = Client-activated
ISA Server Unattended Setup Parameters
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