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<add namespace="System.Web.UI" />
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A first-level OU named Admins. An OU named Admin Groups in the Admins OU. A global security group named SYS_DC Remote Desktop in the Admins\ Admin Groups OU. The group must be a member of the Remote Desktop Users group. This membership gives the SYS_DC Remote Desktop group the permissions required to connect to the RDP-Tcp connection.
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Configure display settings in Windows XP . Configure multiple display configurations. Troubleshoot problems with display devices.
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<Rectangle Width="100" Height="100" Fill="Red" IsManipulationEnabled="True" ></Rectangle>
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same methods in the Sysprep.inf file, too. Just like in any normal answer file, you can run a command in the [GuiRunOnce] section or run a command from the Cmdlines.txt file that edits the registry. Because 12 covers these topics thoroughly, I won't duplicate them here.
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You could manually define a proxy class based on that contract as follows:
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Specific settings that are important to DSTs are cited in this section.
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After this lesson, you will be able to
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CustomersTable.Columns["CompanyName"].AllowDBNull = false;
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e xercise 3
Managing Users, Computers, and Groups
Figure 3-16 The Open With dialog box offers personalization options for the user.
Adding Enhancements to Menus
Explain the reasons for using organizational units. Determine methods for using organizational units to delegate administrative control. Understand how inheritance affects your organizational unit plan. Explain how Group Policy requirements affect your design.
7. Add the following code to the form to allow the application to work every time the button is clicked:
Figure 3-4 Trace results for a trace performed while executing the spGetPriorProduct stored procedure.
OPEN curproducts
Objective 4.3
Description You build this type of XML secondary index by using the Node Value and Path columns from the primary index. Those two columns produce more efficient seeks when searching for specific values in the XML data. Instead of having to search sequentially for a value in the primary index, SQL Server can fully serve from the secondary index a query that executes value-based queries. This type of XML secondary index is based on the Primary Key, Node Value, and Path columns from the primary index. Those three columns give more efficient seeks when SQL Server is searching for specific values that must be associated with their parent row in the base table.
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