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Similarly, to add a code group named User_Code_Group to the User policy level s All_Code group, using a site of, which grants FullTrust permissions, you would run the following command:
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Expand the Analysis Services Connection Manager drop-down list, and then select an existing connection manager, or click the New button to create a new connection to an existing SSAS database. Click Add. In the Add Analysis Services Object dialog box, select the SSAS object(s) you want to process. For example, to process the entire SSAS database, select the database, and then click OK.
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Database Maintenance
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Dynamic distribution group
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For details about all the practice test options available, see the How to Use the Practice Tests sec tion in this book s Introduction.
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Figure 13-35: WMI Object Browser Associations tab WMI Object Browser enables you to do the following:
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Most CD-ROM and DVD-ROM devices are Plug and Play compliant and therefore require little configuration. To view the status and configuration of these types of devices, access the device s Properties dialog box through Device Manager (see Chap ter 6, Installing and Managing Hardware, for detailed information on using Device Manager). The General tab of the device s Properties dialog box indicates whether the device is functioning properly within Windows. The Properties tab, shown in Figure 8-19, provides configuration options. generate barcode 128
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An excellent primer article on Nslookup can be found at Microsoft Knowledge Base article 200525.
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One of your customers works at a small business that has 10 computers running Win dows XP. These computers are on a network and are members of the same workgroup. The customer is using Outlook Express configured with a POP3 account to retrieve messages from a mail server at the company s Internet Service Provider. The user com plains that whenever she creates a new message and clicks Send, the message is sent right away. She uses Outlook 2003 at home and is used to having messages go to an Outbox when she clicks Send. She wants to set Outlook Express up to behave in this manner. What should you do A. On the General tab of the Options dialog box in Outlook Express, select the Save Copy Of Sent Messages In The Outbox Folder check box. B. On the Send tab of the Options dialog box in Outlook Express, clear the Send Messages Immediately check box. C. On the General tab of the Options dialog box in Outlook Express, clear the Check For New Messages Every ____ Minutes check box. D. This feature is not available in Outlook Express. code 39 barcode
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Practice: Creating a Windows Cluster
Windows features a multitude of mechanisms that can assist you with the daunting task of diagnosing system-wide performance problems and troubleshoot hard-to-reproduce bugs. You already know that there s an amazing ecosystem for developers on Windows but the reason there are so many troubleshooting tools and approaches is that the developers of Windows use them every day to ensure that the operating system we re all using is fast and reliable. Even if you don t intend to use these tools right now to troubleshoot, monitor, or instrument your applications, you should plan your development accordingly so that maintenance programmers, system administrators, and support personnel can take advantage of the troubleshooting features Windows has to offer when your application is deployed in the field. The subsequent sections will show you how to accomplish some of these tasks. There are several topics that this chapter doesn t spell out, but don t despair fortunately, there is a vast amount of documentation and online material that can guide you through these features of Windows.
// Adds the button to a panel called Panel1
Configuring Firewall Policy (5.0)
<Object> <DatabaseID>TK 70-448 SSAS Project</DatabaseID> </Object> </Source> <SynchronizeSecurity>SkipMembership</SynchronizeSecurity> <ApplyCompression>true</ApplyCompression> </Synchronize>
You can also access the Computer Management window by right-clicking the My Computer icon on the desktop or Start menu and clicking Manage.
a. Incorrect: The MDT Files package enables the target computer to access MDT functions
How to Specify an Alternate Configuration for TCP/IP
//C# //Make a connection to a fictional database named "TestASDatabase" //for a user with the ID of "username" and a password of "password" AdomdConnection conn = new AdomdConnection(); conn.ConnectionString = @"Data Source=.\SQL2005STD;" + @"Initial Catalog=TestASDatabase;" + @"UID=username;" + @"PWD=password;"; conn.Open(); 'VB 'Make a connection to a fictional database named "TestASDatabase" 'for a user with the ID of "username" and a password of "password" Dim conn As New AdomdConnection() conn.ConnectionString = "Data Source=.\SQL2005STD;" + _
Objective 6.3 Answers 1.
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