barcode recognition Lesson 3: Installing, Updating, and Troubleshooting Windows Vista Device Drivers in .NET

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Location System partition root (C:\ ) System partition root System partition root System partition root System partition root %systemroot%\System32 %systemroot%\System32 %systemroot%\System32 %systemroot%\System32\Drivers Startup Phase Preboot and boot Boot Boot (optional) Boot Boot (optional) Kernel load Kernel load Kernel initialization Kernel initialization
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Configuring Exchange administrator roles
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It is common for objects to share similar properties. For example, all sales representa tives may belong to the same security groups, are allowed to log on to the network during the same hours, and have home folders and roaming profiles on the same server. In such cases, it is helpful when creating a user object for that object to be prepopulated with common properties. This can be accomplished by creating a generic user object often called a template and then copying that object to create new users. To generate a user template, create a user and populate its properties. Put the user into appropriate groups.
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a. Software Metering Client Agent B. Microsoft Assessment And Planning Toolkit c. Software Inventory Client Agent D. Asset Inventory Service
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Troubleshooting Networking and Authentication-Authorization Issues
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2 Output filter Internal Interface Internal Network 1 Input filter External Interface Internet qr code reader
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4. Rebuild the solution and start the service, making sure that the ServiceConsoleHost project is the startup project. 5. Open a Web browser and go to http://localhost:8080/Tasks. This time, you will notice that, near the top, the page displays the message, Metadata publishing for this service is currently disabled. This is because you have set the httpGetEnabled property to a value of false and commented out the mex endpoint. End the service that is currently running by pressing Shift+F5. 6. If you want to use this solution as the starting point for the later exercises or for the suggested practices, make sure you return the service to normal. To do so, edit the app.config file and change the httpGetEnabled property back to a value of true. Save all changes before continuing to the next lesson.
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Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Windows Firewall with Advanced Security (WFAS) allows you to create nuanced firewall rules. For most users, the options available with Windows Firewall will be enough to keep their computers secure. If you are a more advanced user, however, you can use WFAS to:
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Windows XP Professional does not support dynamic disks on notebook computers, so you must configure a basic disk. You should configure the basic disk with a single primary partition.
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Figure 9-4
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Off the Record In reality, an APIPA address is just a temporary address that allows com puters to communicate before you can assign them a real one. You are probably never going to see a company network based on APIPA addresses because such addresses are incompatible with shared Internet connections, subnetting, and centralized administration. If you want to combine automatic addressing with Internet connectivity, subnets, or address administration, use a DHCP server.
Basic MDX Queries
2. A B-node client computer, which is not WINS-enabled, needs to access a resource on your network by using a NetBIOS name. There is no WINS server available on the client s network segment, but a WINS server is available across a router on a different subnet. What possible solutions are available to allow the client to access network resources using the NetBIOS names
1. Windows 2000 native. 2. Windows .NET Framework version 2.0 and Windows PowerShell.
Lesson 2: Restoring Data . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-14
C. HTML Remote Administration Tools D. Computer Management Console E. REGEDT32
B. Use the Taskbar And Start Menu Properties dialog box to clear the Keep The Task-
The Dsget command gets, and outputs, selected properties of one or more existing objects.
Groups are an important class of object because they are used to collect users, computers, and other groups to create a single point of management. The most straightforward and common use of a group is to grant permissions to a shared folder. If a group has been given read access to a folder, for example, then any of the group s members will be able to read the folder. You do not have to grant read access directly to each individual member; you can manage access to the folder simply by adding and removing members of the group. To create a group: 1. Open the Active Directory Users And Computers snap-in. 2. In the console tree, expand the node that represents your domain (for instance, and navigate to the OU or container (such as Users) in which you want to create the group. 3. Right-click the OU or container, choose New, and then select Group. The New Object Group dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 2-6. 4. Type the name of the new group in the Group Name box. Most organizations have naming conventions that specify how group names should be created. Be sure to follow the guidelines of your organization. By default, the name you type is also entered as the pre-Windows 2000 name of the new group. It is very highly recommended that you keep the two names the same. 5. Do not change the name in the Group Name (Pre-Windows 2000) box. 6. Choose the Group type.
2. How can Margie s Travel reduce the risk of a developer injecting malicious code into an application to access the Web site. In this subnetting scheme, is the network address and hence is not a host address. is the broadcast address and therefore not an addressable host.
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