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Exercise 3: Enable an Exception in Windows Firewall for All Connections
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myRSA.PersistKeyInCsp = true;
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Name CanRead CanSeek CanTimeout CanWrite Handle Length Name Position
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5. How can you install the Windows XP Professional Recovery Console on your computer
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14. Open the properties of Hank Carbeck s user object.
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For more information about Isinteg, open the Command Console and enter isinteg.
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a. Incorrect: You should not configure the Security Zones: Use Only Machine Settings policy
If parentNode Is Nothing Then TreeView1.Nodes.Add(aNode) Else parentNode.Nodes.Add(aNode) End If parentNode = aNode ' When an EndElement is encountered, the parent element is set one level up. Case XmlNodeType.EndElement parentNode = parentNode.Parent When a Text node is encountered, a new node is made As a child node containing the text is created Case XmlNodeType.Text bNode = New TreeNode(aReader.Value)
Lesson Summary
D. Incorrect: Password policies apply domain-wide. Password policies applied at
Lesson Review
Customizing Data Collector Sets A custom DCS logs only the performance data defined in the template that you choose. To add your own data sources to a DCS, you must update it after you create it. To add a performance data source (such as a performance counter) to a DCS, right-click the DCS, select New, and then select Data Collector. The Create New Data Collector Wizard opens. On the What Type Of Data Collector Would You Like To Create page, specify the data collector name, select the type, and then click Next. You can choose from the following types of data collectors:
The common parameters for the Dsadd User command, shown below, are self-explanatory. However, the Windows Help And Support Center provides thorough descriptions of these and additional Dsadd parameters if you desire further explanation. Simply search using the name of the command, Dsadd, as your search query.
Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: In this scenario, the professor is attempting to print a document to her local printer, but the document is being sent to a network printer. A quick solution would be to make her local printer the default printer by clicking Start and select ing the Printers And Faxes option from the menu. You can then right-click the local printer you want to print to and choose the Set As Default Printer option from the menu. B. Incorrect: In this scenario, the user needs to print to her local printer. Because the document was being sent to the receptionist printer, it is obvious that she has access to multiple printers. C. Incorrect: This is not a permissions issue, but an issue of which printer was selected as the default printer. The person that used the professor s computer later in the evening most likely changed the default printer to the network printer located in the receptionist s office and forgot to change it back to the professor s local printer after printing. D. Correct: You can make a local printer the default printer by clicking Start and selecting the Printers And Faxes option from the menu. You then right-click the local printer you want to print to and choose the Set As Default Printer option from the menu.
Every security system needs a way to identify users and determine what a user can and can t do, and CAS is no exception. However, because CAS identifies and assigns permissions to applications rather than to people, it can t use the user names, passwords, and access control lists (ACL) that you re accustomed to. Instead, CAS identifies assemblies using evidence. Each piece of evidence is a way that an assembly can be identified, such as the location where the assembly is stored, a hash of the assembly s code, or the assembly s signature. An assembly s evidence determines which code group it belongs to. Code groups, in turn, grant an assembly a permission set. The sections that follow describe each of these components in more detail.
Fundamentals of Backup
Scenario 2 Question
In order to affect the generation of the serialized version of an object, these attributes decorate the class and property declarations of the class. When an instance of the class is serialized, the XmlSerializer class examines the attributes and changes the generated XML document appropriately. The same steps are taken in reverse when an XML document is deserialized.
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