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Figure 3-7: Listing drivers in the online system image
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enable the target computer to save and restore user state settings.
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Configuring ISA Server as a Proxy Server
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Correct Answers: D and E A. Incorrect: The share is configured to allow only a maximum of 10 users to connect at any one time. B. Incorrect: The user limit applies to all users regardless of group membership. C. Incorrect: The use of the $ in the share name will make this share hidden. It is impossible to browse to hidden shares. D. Correct: By default, all new shares have the Everyone group assigned the Read (Allow) share permission. E. Correct: By default, all new shares have the Everyone group assigned the Read (Allow) share permission.
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@importance @sensitivity Sets the sensitivity level of the message to Normal , Personal , Private , or Confidential . The default value is Normal . @file_attachments
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A. Correct: The database must be in Full recovery model. B. Incorrect: Database Mirroring requires that you configure the database with the default SQL Server 2005 (90) compatibility level because the Database Mirroring feature does not exist in previous versions of SQL Server. C. Incorrect: If the primary database is in a read-only state, transactions can not be issued against it, so it is incompatible with Database Mirroring. D. Incorrect: The database cannot be placed in Bulk-Logged recovery model while participating in Database Mirroring. 3. Correct Answers: B and C A. Incorrect: High Performance operating mode has asynchronous data transfer. B. Correct: High Availability and High Protection operating modes have syn chronous transfer. C. Correct: Automatic failover is available only with High Availability operat ing mode and only when the witness server is online. D. Incorrect: High Protection and High Performance operating modes require manual failover.
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Creating Multiple User Objects
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Location Security\ Templates Security\ Templates Security\ Templates Description Applies file and Registry permissions that might allow leg acy applications to work. The Compatws template decreases security. Applies default security settings for a domain controller (DC). Further secures a DC, includes increased security for NTLM, disables additional services, applies additional Reg istry and file security. Removes any members in the Power Users group. (Hisecdc is a stronger, more secure setting than Securedc.)
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Lesson 3
Figure 15-8 Enable Certificate Templates dialog box
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Exercise 3: Create a Web Site
In this practice, you will use the Disk Management snap-in and Diskpart to perform a variety of disk-management tasks on Disk 0. Disk 0 must be configured as a basic disk and contain at least 1 GB of unallocated space to complete this exercise.
you want to customize unless you need to restrict your customization to specifically drives or non system folders.
General Use the General tab to select a type of startup to use the next time that Windows starts. A diagnostic startup is the same thing as starting Windows XP in safe mode. A selective startup allows you to choose which types of components should be loaded (represented by the other tabs on the utility).
This setup will be sufficient to test basic AD CS installation and configuration. Testing all AD CS capabilities requires up to five computers and might be beyond the laboratory capabilities of most readers.
Windows Imaging Format You can use the ImageX Windows AIK tool to create a WIM file that images a reference computer. Unlike ISO files, which are used to contain images of operating systems and toolkits across an intranet or the Internet, WIM is a file-based disk image format that contains a set of files and associated file system metadata. However, unlike sector-based formats (such as ISO) used for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM images, WIM is file-based, which means that the smallest unit of information in a WIM image is a file. A file-based image is hardware-independent and provides unique single-instance storage of a file that can be referenced multiple times in the file system tree. The files are stored inside a single WIM database. The resource cost of reading or writing many thousands of individual files on a local disk is reduced by hardware- and software-based disk caching and sequential data reads and writes. WIM images are deployed to an existing volume or partition because the toolset does not create low-level disk structures, nor does it format them. Instead, the Microsoft command-line tool Diskpart is used to create and format volumes on the target computer. WIM files can contain multiple disk images, which are referenced either by a numerical index or a unique name. Because WIM uses single-instance storage, information common to more than one image is stored only once. Thus, as more images are added, each typically takes up less disk space than did the first image. A WIM can be split (or spanned) into multiple parts. Spanned WIM image parts have a .swm extension. A WIM image can also be mounted as a new volume under Windows with a drive letter associated with it to facilitate easier extraction or updating of its contents. The WimFltr.sys device driver needs to be loaded before a WIM image can be mounted using ImageX. The Wimgapi.dll dynamic link library provides a set of public application programming interfaces (APIs) for manipulating WIMs. A number of third-party applications include the capability to read or write WIM files. You can make WIM images bootable by using the ImageX tool, this time with the /boot switch. Quick Check 1. What file can you create, if you want, to instruct the ImageX tool to exclude specified files and folders when capturing a system image 2. How does ImageX detect this file
You can control when children can use a computer by specifying time limits that prevent them from logging on during specified hours. You can set different logon hours for every day of the week, and you can block all the rest. If a child is logged on when his or her allotted time ends,
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