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1. Add the table to the DataSet.Tables collection. 2. By creating an expression column.
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Implementing ISA Server 2004, Enterprise Edition
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Practice: Designing Security for Remote Access Users . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-32
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The SplitContainer control can be used to simulate the look and feel of Web page frames by creating a visible, resizable division in the UI. Each SplitterPanel control in the SplitControl can then host additional container controls. A FlowLayoutPanel con trol will reproduce the flow-style layout of a Web page, and controls that appear in tables can be reproduced in TableLayoutPanel controls.
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The SQL Server:Locks performance counters tell you the type of locks and how many times per second SQL Server applies them. If you have multiple processes running against a database or a large number of users submitting ad hoc queries, locks are essential to implement concurrency and preserve data integrity. You should, however, obtain baseline readings. If the volume of locks per second is increasing, you might have resource problems. In particular, if the number of deadlocks per second is increasing, application and query performance could be negatively affected and you need to identify deadlock culprits.
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Lesson 1: Managing the Print Process by Using Print Dialogs . . . . . . . . . . . . 487 Lesson 2: Constructing Print Documents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 496 Lesson 3: Creating a Customized PrintPreview Component . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 509
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NTLDR switches your computer to a flat memory model (thus bypassing the 640 KB memory restrictions placed on PCs) and then reads the contents of a file named BOOT.INI. The BOOT.INI file contains information on the different boot sectors that exist on your computer. 3.
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Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 system requires an awareness of what is occurring on the system. The best place to find this information is in the event logs. The three main event logs that are on a Windows Server 2003 system are the System, Security, and Application logs. Event log views can be filtered so that only information in which the administrator is interested is displayed. Another part of server management is ensuring that relevant updates are downloaded and applied to the system on a timely basis. Many of the largest system vulnerabilities of the last few years had already been patched by Microsoft, but systems administrators had not found the time to install those patches on servers. If administrators had found the time to install those patches, they would not have been vulnerable to such worms as Code Red and Slammer. Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) runs on Windows Server 2003 and allows an organization to use a Windows Server running on their network as the update server from which to download patches from Microsoft, rather than using Microsoft s Update servers located on the Internet. Licensing is another area that requires attention. If the company is audited for license compliance and is found wanting, the punishment for infringement can be severe. Understanding clearly how licensing works can also save a company money because a company might find better licensing options than those it currently uses. Several tools exist to manage servers remotely. These include Terminal Services, Remote Assistance, the Computer Management Console, and HTML remote administration tools. Each can be used in a specific situation to perform a specific set of tasks. Administrators should be aware of the benefits and limitations of each form of remote management. The ability to maintain a reliable file and print server infrastructure is also important. System administrators must be able to diagnose and troubleshoot problems on file and print servers as well as monitor file and print server performance to determine if anything must be done to improve that performance.
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The Recovery Console provides an excellent way to access hard disks when the operating system will not boot. You can use the Recovery Console to access all partitions on a drive, regardless of the file system.
with the name TempDB. By default, the repository database is named ReportServer, and the default temporary database name is ReportServerTempDB. The databases can be created on the same local computer or on a remote computer. To create or change the databases, click Change Database. Figure 13-5 shows the Report Server Database Configuration Wizard, where you can configure the Reporting Services database name and the credentials needed for database creation rights.
In this practice, you will examine and then modify the client and administrator permissions applied to the Management public folder that was created during the practice exercises in 4. To complete this practice, perform the following steps: 1. Log on to the computer running Exchange Server 2007 using the Kim_Akers user account. 2. Open Exchange Management Shell. 3. Enter the command New-DistributionGroup Name Managers Type Distribution SamAccountName Managers OrganizationalUnit Users. This distribution group will be assigned client permissions later in this practice. 4. Enter the command Get-PublicFolderClientPermission "\Management" | Format-Table Property User, AccessRights and verify that the output is similar to that displayed in Figure 8-19. 5. To add the Publishing Editor role to members of the managers@tailspintoys.internal distribution group, enter the command Add-PublicFolderClientPermission Identity "\Management" AccessRights PublishingEditor User managers@tailspintoys.internal.
Configure operators.
Basic understanding of core operating system technologies, including installation and configuration Basic understanding of hardware components and their functions Basic understanding of the major desktop components and interfaces and their functions Basic understanding of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) settings How to use command-line utilities to manage the operating system Basic understanding of technologies that are available for establishing Internet connectivity
Figure 13-40: The Boot tab of System Configuration You can specify Safe Boot and the type of Safe Boot to use (Minimal, Alternate Shell, Active Directory Repair, or Network). You can specify a No-Graphical User Interface (GUI) boot, or, if you are having problems with a video driver, specify a boot that uses the Base Video (lowestresolution and color-depth) driver. You can require a Boot Log and Operating System (OS) Information. You can use reconfigured boot settings only once or make then permanent. Clicking Advanced on the Boot tab lets you specify a Debug Port and Baud Rate for remote debugging and the Number Of Processors and Maximum Memory available to the boot process. On the Startup tab, you can disable automatic startup for an application by clearing the check box beside the item. You can disable automatic startup for all items by clicking Disable All. This does not prevent the software from running it merely stops it from starting automatically when the computer boots. The Services tab works in much the same way, in that you can disable or enable automatic startup of a single service or of all services. You can also determine what third-party services are running by selecting the Hide All Microsoft Services check box. The Tools tab performs a very useful function. Not only are all the available tools listed, but you can enable any tool from this tab. This is often easier than trying to remember or deduce the tool's place in the Control Panel hierarchy, whether the tool is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, or what file you need to access from the command prompt to start the tool. The tab also lists the file and file path for the application that runs each tool. EXAM TIP You can use either Task Manager or System Configuration to start and stop services on a computer running Windows 7 without rebooting the computer.
When you perform an Automated System Recovery, you will need
21: Lesson Review Answers
4: Managing Devices and Disks
HKLM\ Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Psched\ DiffservByteMappingNonConforming\ServiceTypeControlledLoad
Practice tests
The XmlNamedNodeMap organizes a collection of non-hierarchical XML nodes such as attributes or entities. The following three properties return an XmlNamedNodeMap:
One of your customers frequently accesses a financial site using Internet Explorer. The site uses custom controls to allow the user to obtain and chart stock quotes. After upgrading to Windows XP, the customer gets an error message whenever he visits the site. Which of the following solutions can solve the user s problem while keeping him the most secure when visiting other sites A. Use the Security tab of the Internet Options dialog box to place the financial site into the Trusted Sites zone. B. Use the Security tab of the Internet Options dialog box to change the settings for the Internet zone to allow custom controls. C. Use the Privacy tab of the Internet Options dialog box to set the user s Privacy set ting to Medium. D. Use the Privacy tab of the Internet Options dialog box to set the user s Privacy set ting to Low.
Two drives have failed in the server. One contained a mirror of the operating system volume. The other contained several volume types, including portions of a spanned, a striped, and a RAID-5 volume. You have an 80-GB drive, still in its box. You shut down the server and remove the two failed drives. After inserting the new disk, you reboot the server.
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