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feed to poll feed sites (for example, news feed sites) and retrieve syndicated web content.
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13. On the Resource Partner Details page, review the information and click Next. This information should be the same information you input when you configured the trust policy properties for the Woodgrove Bank domain. 14. On the Federation Scenario page, ensure that Federated Web SSO is selected and click Next. 15. On the Resource Partner Identity Claims page, ensure that the UPN Claim and the E-mail Claim check boxes are selected and click Next. 16. On the Select UPN Suffix page, ensure that Replace All UPN Suffixes With The Following is selected and that is the UPN suffix listed. Click Next. Remember that only one UPN suffix can be used in a partnership even if you can have several in the AD DS forest. 17. On the Select E-mail Suffix page, ensure that Replace All E-Mail Suffixes With is selected and that is the e-mail suffix that is listed. Click Next. 18. On the Enable This Resource Partner page, ensure that the Enable This Resource Partner check box is selected and click Next. 19. Click Finish to complete the operation. Woodgrove Bank should now be listed as a resource partner. Your implementation is complete.
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Lesson 2: Implementing Full-Text Search
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7. Close the My Computer window.
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Lesson 3: Accessing Resources with Least Privilege
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You can select the device and click Browse to view the files that the sync process has placed on the device and to sync additional files. Figure 13-15 shows the files that sync has placed on the device.
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For more information about triggers, see 9, Creating Functions, Stored Procedures, and Triggers.
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Configuring Windows 7 to Accept Incoming Connections You can configure Windows 7 to accept incoming VPN and dial-up connections. When you configure Windows 7 to accept incoming VPN and dial-up connections, the client running Windows 7 is able to function as a VPN and dial-up server. Windows 7 supports incoming VPNs that use the PPTP protocol and allows only one incoming connection at a time. To configure Windows 7 to support incoming connections, perform the following steps:
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Case Scenarios
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1. Correct Answer: C A. Incorrect: You install service packs at an instance level, and this solution does not let each client operate with a different service pack. B. Incorrect: You can support multiple instances on a single server, with each instance using a different service pack.
You can use the methods provided by the Graphics object to render a variety of simple shapes, summarized in Table 14-2 and Table 14-3.
You also need to gather some information about each OU. This information includes:
ne of the primary functions that you need to perform on your Microsoft SQL Server databases is retrieving data. Because querying data is a fundamental function on databases, this book starts with coverage of this important topic. Data retrieval is accomplished by using the SELECT statement with a large variety of operators and clauses that expand on the functionality provided by a simple SELECT statement.
ordersDataView = selectedRow.CreateChildView
8 Common Connectivity Problems
To configure the DHCP Relay Agent, first add the DHCP Relay Agent routing protocol to the Routing And Remote Access console. To add the DHCP Relay Agent, complete the following steps: 1. Open the Routing And Remote Access console. 2. In the console tree, right-click the General node, and then click New Routing Protocol. 3. In the New Routing Protocol dialog box, click DHCP Relay Agent, and then click OK. Second, configure the DHCP Relay Agent to point to the address of at least one remote DHCP server. (More than one DHCP server can be used for fault tolerance.) This configuration is achieved through the DHCP Relay Agent Properties dialog box, shown in Figure 9-36. To configure global DHCP Relay Agent properties, complete the following steps: 1. Open the Routing And Remote Access console. 2. In the console tree, right-click the DHCP Relay Agent node within IP Routing, and then click Properties.
SkipComputerName SkipDomainMembership
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